[Solved] Joystick working on PC but not Xbox?


I recently finished my second PS3-TE -> dual-modded-TE (w00t). Everything seems in order EXCEPT that my directional inputs don’t register on Xbox. The strange thing is that on the PC, in Xbox mode, I see the inputs register just fine when I check under control panel, but nothing on the Xbox. Every other button works totally fine on the Xbox (and on PC in Xbox mode). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What PCB did you use for Xbox 360?
And isn’t there a problem if only every other Button works?

I used the Brawl Pad, which, apart from having triggers where you’d expect them, is I think identical to the SF fightpads.

Poor word choice on my part: every button works on the Xbox. Just not directional inputs.

Did the switch on the back of BrawlPad get pushed to not being DP?

Yep! Thanks. Directionals all good in the hood now!

Edit: For anyone using this pad: watch out, I think mine was LS by default. Definitely wasn’t centered and I don’t recall moving it!