[Solved]MadCatz 360 TE stick on PC. Questions

First, is the stick analog (I.E. has X/Y movement?)? If so,

Second, when I connect it to my PC, it detects and works fine(after installing M$ drivers) but the stick is installed as POV, which only works with DP selected on the switch. Changing the switch makes the POV un-responsive. Changing(to LS or RS) before plugging in makes the stick still install as POV(and still unresponsive unless on DP). If the stick is analog, how do I get to register as such on my PC?

do a search you will find some thread talking about this. I believe you have to install third party driver to get x/y working. It only register pov as default. which is BS. their PS3 stick register LS, DP and RS fine though. Also what is funny is that madcatz’s fightpad for 360 can register x/y without problem. I am not sure why.

Yeah, looked into XBCD but can’t get the drivers to install correctly. At a loss.

XBox Controller Driver

go all the way down to trouble shooting, you may have to add it in to the ini so that it can recognize the controller

if your using win vista/7 you need to enable windows to allow driver signing always. Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.3b

Done that. Added to the ini, but Windows 7 still thinks it is an incompatible driver. Running in permanent test mode and tried signing the system file.

Edit: Well… I am stupid. I kept adding it to the x86 field in the ini… >_< All is good to go.