[Solved] PS360+ USB device not recognized

— No uninstalling the driver doesn’t work.

Hey shoryuken Forums!
I’ve been lurking the forums, and the site for years now, and it’s shitty that my first post has to be a request, but I need help.
So I just got my PS360+, and wanted to test if everything works, but whenever I plug it into my computer Windows tells me “USB device not recognized”, and when that message is gone “Unknown USB device installed”. I have uninstalled that “Unknown device” quite often, but the same error persists. I have also tried using the force PS3, and force Xbox 360 Mode, but I still get the same issue. Do I uninstall the wrong device? This one pops up every time I plug it in: http://puu.sh/lRKEq/abb8531d95.jpg
Every time I plug it in, two LEDs flash. the P1/D1 LED, and the P2/D2 LED (see video if you don’t understand)

The Board does however work with my Playstation 3. I haven’t tested an Xbox 360 because I don’t own one, but I’m sure it’ll work there just fine as well.

I recorded a video to make the whole situation a bit more clear to you all. Here is a link: https://youtu.be/AYjkYlBbUhc

Thanks for taking the time to help me.

Try the following
a Different USB cord, perhaps shorter or better made cable.
Avoid USB 3.0 ports, use USB 2.0 instead

Another thing that tends to work (has worked for me on windows 7-10) is to plug in a USB hub before plugging in the ps360+. I don’t know why this works for me, but I have multiple ps360+ sticks and they work just fine through a hub as opposed to directly into the machine.

It works with a short 1m cable.
I myself was sceptic about the length of the cable, but focusattack.com actually recommended that cable with the PS360+. And it does work with my PS3, which is really odd. Usually 3m USB cable still works, so I didn’t expect it to be the reason. The cable is quite good quality, so I don’t know if I could just get a better cable… Hmmm…

I’ll test it out with a hub. Maybe it’ll be fixed with that.

I’ll mark it as solved as soon as I give an update on the hub.

Some PS360+ boards are extremely picky. My brother’s is, and I’ve seen numerous posts similar to this. Shorter cords are usually the answer though.

Also unplugging the stuff you aren’t using across all your USB ports is recommended.

Try to avoid using the front panel USB hub and plug directly into the back ports.

If you are interested here’s a long, but insightful read on optimizing USB

I had the same problem with 3 of my PS360+ sticks on my PC (Windows 10 OS) and was able to remedy it with the info in the above link.

Okay. Update here.
I tested it out with a cheapo USB 2.0 port, and it worked.
I also tested it out on the back of my PC, and it also works. Which explains why it works with the PlayStation 3 and not with my computer (case ports that is). However, the ports on my back are completely used, so it would a annoying to unplug something every time. (maybe I really do need a USB hub.)

Now, there are multiple options for me here.
— Buy a different 3m cable, and try it with that.
— Buy a small USB hub and just live with this stupid thing.
— Buy a shorter cable, although I really want a long one.
— Make room on the back of my PC.

I’ll let all of you answer to this for another day, so we’ll get a comprehensive post on this issue. Maybe it’ll help future users with this problem.

I wanted to thank you guys for helping me with my issue.

Also, xpulse. What happens to a Toad that gets struck by lighting?

You really want to have only essential peripherals connected to your USB ports when gaming. The more stuff plugged in to the different ports just causes more strain on your PC (no matter how powerful it is) which transfers to how accurate USB polling is. This is my guess on why consoles like the PS4 only have 2 ports when they could clearly have 4 , even 6 or 8.

Well I have 6 USB 3.0 Ports on my motherboard
One is used by my mouse
Two by my Keyboard, although one is just a pass through, which I genuinely use. Sadly doesn’t work with the 3m cable.
One by my ODAC
One by my Microphone
And the last one by my Webcam.

There is actually not much more room back there. And those are all peripherals I use often.
I do have two Thunderbolt 2.0 ports back there. (Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD7 TH Motherboard in the case you’re wondering.)

The four case USB ports are empty though.
And yes, thanks for the advice, I’ll read the article tomorrow. Although I don’t think it makes much sense to plug anything out back there.

Either way. Do you think a different cable might also do the trick?

I had the same problem as you. I now only have my KB and Mouse connected to back ports. I sometimes use my front case ports to charge controllers, wireless headphones, tablets and phones, but only when I’m not gaming on PC. Switched from USB mic to a mod-mic paired with my headphones and connected to my soundcard.

My 2 PS360+ sticks work on the front case ports now after removing useless shit off all my USB ports along with a bit of optimizing done in the OS. But I plug my sticks on the back ports because I get bad performance on the front ports (stick will experience short input lag or reset/shut off-on).

If you wanna buy a new cable instead of optimize your pc, then go for it. Make sure to buy the most expensiveist gold plated gaming grade USB cable by razer.


I bought both a high quality cable, and a cheapo small hub. We’ll see what works.
I’ll mark the thread as solved now.
Thanks all.

Was sarcasm, there isn’t any difference between a 200 dollar cable and a 25 cent cable other than price and marketing.

More expensive cable ≠ better cable

You can get a good reliable cable with the Data + and Data - in a twisted pair and plenty of shielding for about $2 to $5
Avoid the dollar store discount cables and the over priced “Monster Cables”

I usually go to monoprice for my USB cables.

The original cable I had the problem with was a monoprice cable.
I think it comes down to the PS360+ just being incredibly picky.

I was having this same issue and I can say that using a USB hub fixed it for me.