[SOLVED] Special needs fighter looking for a particular stick


I have psoriatic arthritis. Fortunately, it’s only my hands that suffer so far (I am only 21 years old). In short, I looked at getting into fighting games for a long time, but finally did after Evo 2015. I already had the first MadCatz Street Fighter 4 Fightstick and Umvc3 was my first game from about 2-3 years ago. However, I looked towards MvC2 and Third Strike due to local interest at college. I had a Dreamcast, picked up copies of mvc2 and third strike, a Dreamcast Agetec Arcade Stick, and then a second Agetec stick because I liked the first one so much.

My hands do cramp up or ‘lock up’ if I play waaay too much, but that’s ok, I’ve come to expect that. The pain isn’t unbearable, I just start under-performing. Now, trying to go forward in time, I’m trying to pick up USF4, Umvc3, and Mortal Kombat X. After using my Dreamcast stick for so long, I have found that that particular stick is perfect for my hands, no other stick seems to work for me. Besides the Madcatz SF4 Fightstick being of very low quality due to cheap parts, my friend’s Hori Fighting Stick V3 does feel good, stick and buttons, but my hands are in absolute pain after only 30 minutes. The light attacks are too close to the joystick, causing my hands to curl in, rathering than laying open, relaxed, and apart on the dreamcast stick. Every stick I have been looking at or shopping for has the same distance between stick and buttons as the Madcatz stick and Hori’s V3 stick. This distance seems to be standard, and doesn’t change between any stick, no matter which brand makes it. So this story basically amounts to my question: Does any one know of a fightstick with the joystick and buttons spread further apart?

Here is my hands on my dreamcast stick. I have played this for 5 hours at the longest at college.


And this is my hands on every other stick. At most, I can only play for about an hour or 2 when 1v1-ing a friend, I’m trying to get serious, but the pain is just too much.



Well, the obvious solution would be to get your Dreamcast stick modded to work on the consoles you need. And maybe upgrading the parts at the same time too.

You should be able to find a local modder in the sticky thread at the top of this forum if you don’t want to try it yourself.


I have actually been thinking about it. I’ve skimmed over threads of people either gutting the pcb and such for other boards, or using a switcher to use it for 2 or more systems. I would definitely have to take the switcher route, because I do still plan to use both of my Agetec sticks for the Dreamcast. Unfortunately, I would definitely like the Select, L2, and R2 buttons to be on the stick as well, but I think only Select would be possible to add, and even then, I’m not the best at plastic and metal handiwork. I know how to wire and solder, but not drill, sand, grind, or shape. And however I end up modding the stick, I have to do to the other exactly the same way for uniformity. I was just hoping there was a sort of all-in-one solution I could just buy. I know my problem is specific, I just really can’t believe no one sells a stick that differs even a little bit in distance between the joystick and buttons.

Also, I just checked the local modders before posting this, and it seems there is 2 right next to each other in Fort Worth and Irving. If I did end up going that route, I’d have to see if I can ship it to them, because San Antonio is a little far from Dallas.


There’s always away, even if you put smaller buttons on the side to add the L2/R2 Buttons.

But yeah, those green goblins need to get modded, I second that. Get some high quality parts in there too, and you’ll never have to buy another stick IMO.

Those sticks are pretty solid.


I actually didn’t think about that, having the L+R2 buttons on the side…

And actually, I once did think about replacing the stick and buttons. I decided against it because right now, both agetec’s are in excellent condition, and I have surprisingly never had a missed input on them. If I ever miss and half circle or double full circle, I can just kinda feel it was my fault, not the sticks’.

The Madcatz stick however, man… Now that I have gotten into fighting games proper, played some games, used some sticks, those buttons are some sh*t. The stick also really sucks at making diagonals. The Madcatz one I was actually considering getting Sanwa parts for before I decided to make this post instead since this would solve my root issue, rather than alleviate my pain with buttons that actually hit when I hit them and being able to do something as simple as double quarter circle in third strike :stuck_out_tongue:


The SE stick parts are beyond crap, fortunately they are very easy to replace. You could do it yourself quite easily, but that would not solve your panel problem.

My main stick has always been one of those Dreamcase Agetec sticks and has been constantly updated since the PS2 days. I have L1 & L2 (24mm) buttons on the side, and two 24mm on the back for Select and Home. Also a Neutrik RJ45 jack for near total console compatibility… and Seimitsu / Sanwa parts because they are sexual. It’s my favourite stick and I recommend you go the same route.


Remap on the 8 button so it’s like this:




Not ideal, think the modded Agetec is the way to go, but a good alternative in the mean time.


Here is my Agetec mod, take what you need from my work log


There are numerous retail sticks that offer increased distance between the stick and buttons. Although they probably don’t have as great a distance as the Green Goblin, as that stick had to make room for the VMU. There’s tons to choose from.

Sticks with the Namco Noir layout.


Mad Catz SCV Stick (Xbox 360 or PS3)

HORI SCV Stick (Xbox 360 or PS3)

Mad Catz TTT2 TES (Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii U)

Mad Catz TE2 with Type-N panel (PS3/PS4 or Xbox 360/One)

HORI has a line of sticks with the name “Kai” that have a Vewlix layout with an increased distance between the stick and buttons.

HORI VX-SA Kai (Xbox 360 or PS3)

HORI RAP.4 Kai (PS3/PS4)

HORI RAP.V Kai (Xbox 360/One)http://stores.horiusa.com/real-arcade-pro-v-kai-for-xbox-one-xbox-360-pc/

HORI RAP.V Kai Silent (PS3/PS4)


Those sticks may or may not work for PC. I hear it’s a finicky process. Also, the Type-N plate may or may not work for the TE2+. That stick was announced not too long ago, so no one knows yet.


Once it works for 360 it works for PC. PC is the easiest thing to get a controller going on. I wouldn’t worry.


HRAP ‘Kai’ versions come to mind, then plug the first 2 set of buttons and use the last 6.

like this



I’m sorry I stopped responding to each post in this discussion. I ended up getting busy, and I take about an hour to write what takes most people 5 minutes. Thank you all for giving each piece of advice I received in this whole thread. I decided in the to go ahead with the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai. The distance between the stick and the buttons aren’t as wide as the Agetec arcade stick, but I was able to check it out personally at a friend’s house, and I only felt minor discomfort after about 2 hours, which I am much more willing to deal with.

I know there are some people here that may be disappointed that I chose not to modify my Agetec sticks, because I have actually seen a lot of really cool mods for those and everything about them seems practical, but I decided to go with the HRAP4 Kai sticks because I would surprisingly like atleast one clean unmodded Agetec stick. I actually collect video-games, so I most typically have a problem making any mods which appear obvious to any inexperienced onlooker. I wouldn’t have minded replacing the stick and buttons on the Agetec or the Madcatz, but severe modifications on the Agetec, changing it’s original shape in the end, I just couldn’t get comfortable with that idea, despite how comfortable my hands are using it. The cost of buying atleast one more Agetec stick and modding 2 of them, comes out to way more than $149, the price of the HRAP4 Kai.

The HRAP4 Kai does work for the PS4 as well, so overall, I feel as though I’d be getting my best use out of it, already having great parts, working for PC, PS3, and PS4, and the buttons a decent ways away from the joystick. Again, thank you all for atleast taking a look, and offering any piece of advice you had to give. I am considering this issue, solved! (I will continue to practice with my dreamcast fighters while this stick ships in however)


I actually like the idea behind the Kai layout, the wider space is actually more ergonomic and looks like it would be more comfortable to play with.

I kinda want a 6 button Kai layout for my VLX now.