Some 3S questions from ranbats

How come characters can flip back up when Chun does a into SAII? Did the player hit the mk too early and it counted as an anti air attack instead of a ground attack? (like in Tokido vs RX, AFM vs RX)

How is Pierre ranked as a 3S player? Imo, his Urien plays a little differently from the other players like RX or w/e. He relies on a lot of random tackles and 50/50 mixups instead of guaranteed comobs. He just reminds me of me, which isn’t a good thing lol.

It’s because the Urien player is executing a headbutt when they’re getting hit by the If the Urien player can predict when the chun is going to, he can use a headbutt to fool the chun into thinking what she’s seeing is a hit confirm.

pierre is one of the best uriens (at least, in terms of how well known he is) in japan

and chun is doing SA2 vs an aerial opponent

criticism cannot be made to anyone who plays in a ranbat. Thanatos has been said said to be awful player because he abuses Oro’s drill all the time. So how does he keep winning?

i’m not saying he’s bad at all; i mean he did win the latest ranbat. I’m just suprised he plays so “unorthodoxly” i suppose because I always thought good players would not rely on such “random” tactics because I myself play the same way as him (or at least that’s what it seems like) and some ppl would say “oh man that’s scrubby, meaty aegis reflector”

pierre knows how use his normals better than any other urien, thats the opinion i have come to expect from others who talk about what sets his urien apart from the others.

Pierre has magic. There is no coner 50/50 its 100% every fucking time. That’s how he wins

Pierre is my favourite Urien player out of them all. RX gets my vote too when he’s on form, but like someone just said, theres something different about RX. Lots of nerves and balls :rock:
Thanatos won latest ranbat?? Whats this? I just downloaded a ranbat yesterday and saw RX win it.


RX and Messatsu Yarou > all other Urien players
(IMO, but my opinion is always right, IMO)

The shit RX does other Urien players doesn’t even dare to attempt (UOH in corner into EX Aegis, shoulder x2 against the twins, bouncing the opponents off the aegis type setups, etc…)

The reason RX’s been winning is because he’s been playing smart, that’s all, meaning blocking more instead of trying to parry every pokes (this is one of his strengths but also his biggest weakness, that’s why he usually loses against Chun’s in ranbats).

After watching the lastest ranbat, I like that he effectively used the “spanking room” technique instead of going for the high/low corner Aegis traps (which if guessed right, payoff is big, but guessed wrong, you just waste a meter faster than I can say fuc…), and that was a smart thing to do which earned him another ranbat title.

When RX keeps calm (by blocking and looking to tech throws, not parrying) when being pressured by the opponents’ offensive attacks, he usually wins, usually.
I’m one of the people that believe RX can beat anybody if he stay calm and play smart.

Btw, if I remember right, RX BEASTED on Pierre the last time they fought in the ranbat. It was 2/3 and Pierre only took one round out of the two matches, IIRC.

As for Messatsu Yarou, he’s the most craziest, most ruthless, most aggressive Urien player I’ve ever witnessed.
This guy will chase you down with all his random charge partitions and pokes and shit.
The way he plays, you do not know when one of his charged moves will be released and it’s unblievable how fast his Urien gains meter.
He beats people down by sheer domination and intimidation.

In other words, Pierre ain’t got nothing on these two Urien players.

All IMO.

RX is the best urien player out there, he uses all of Urien’s abilities at it’s best with the combination of knowing the game/Match ups, and having good excution as well.

Close thread.

Pierre is SOLID

Massatsu Yarou is WILD!

RX is my prescription for COMBOS! I swear to god I see something new everytime he turns up in a video. He’s the only who has the nuts to use an EX upward Aegis off a connected tackle in the corner.

man, urien’s in japan…there are so many…diffrent styles…

not one style is correct…a while ago it was said by the japanese that pierre was known as the best urien in japan because he gets the most wins

there’s 2 types of extremes in 3s:

1-very technical player, knows the setups, solid execution and plays the numbers

2-plays off momentum, has a intuitive knack for mind games and knows when they are in the players head or not

RX is the first where he plays off of momentum and Pierre is the latter, both styles are diffrent, Pierre happens to just win more.

You can see this in American game play (sorry to point out you guys, we can take it out on money matches at evo) with:

-Arleith’s Makoto vs Ken I’s Makoto:

-arlieth plays the numbers and knows so many setups, his knowledge of the game is quite impressive whereas Ken I can do so much risky shit like dash in super or wake up supers and get away with it because he KNOWS how to get into peoples heads, he’s a momentum player

-Rockefeller’s Urien vs Emphy’s Urien

rock = pierre/senaka style
emphy = rx style

piere doesnt base his game around aegis though he plays solid by really using his normals better than other urien players. you can see that with all his matches. aegis just is the frosting on the cake for him because he builds meter so fast from his normals actually landing instead of more whiffs like other uriens.

Is Pierre a french/japanese guy?

also came to say that chun will reset urien if you catch him in the right point in his dash and that rx is the urien god kthx the reason he does all that shit no one else does is cause hes the one who invented it

well yeah RX is like the God of Urien

excuse me but isn’t there people in here that were saying that Urien isn’t top tier in my thread?


their truly good cause they can make mid tier characters top tier…

Ibuki won in gvision ranbats, why isn’t she top tier in your thread? If you saw a Twelve player beasting on Chuns and Kens, would you call the character top tier or the player?

Why do you even post messages?

From all the Urien´s i´ve seen i personally like watching Senaka, although i know RX is better overall (not only in mirror matches but against any character/anyone)