Some 3s Vids I Recorded from Japan


I was in Japan last week for SBO 3 and recorded a lot of 3rd Strike casuals & Tournament stuff

Here’s just a few things I got for u guys to check out:

5/7/2005 Gamer’s Vision 2on2 Tournament - Kokujin & KSK vs. Tsuchi & Isse

5/4/2005 Gamer’s Vision 3rd Strike Casuals - Senaka vs. Frankie3s

5/4/2005 Gamer’s Vision 3rd Strike Casuals - RX vs. Frankie3s

5/4/2005 Gamer’s Vision 3rd Strike Casuals - Ohnuki vs. Pyrolee

Thats it for now…N-Joy! :tup:

Rashai !!! :karate:

Haute! :tup:

:wow: :tup:
thanks a ton for the footage.


Thanks for the vids.

I’m still waiting to see back online, it was too good (and even rKf posted on the ofrum :eek:)

Thanks a lot, you’re da man! :tup:

Thanks, great matches!

don’t work 4 me!!! I really want to see it!!

right click> save as. Takes a while to find the server, but once it does it d/ls really fast.


Nice Stuff, I like when the camera cuts away to the crowd :slight_smile:

“Fucking KSK!”

Great vids! Thx a lot! :tup:

Go denjin!

Thanks for the vids! They’ve really been helping my play!

Did I see Pyro do a gasp wake up parry!? Guts! Guts! Guts!

Great vids!

Frankie3s is beast :tup:. i know it was only casual of him vs. RX, but it’s just great to see how he anticipates and forces RX to be in precarious situations. the Demon finish on Senaka was bomb too :tup:.


Nice vids man, that Akuma was beasting.

Did you see the win streaks the Jap players were having? I wish they could show us the best games rather than games that US players are able to win. Good job nonetheless.

OMFG!! Frankie3s!