Some 3s vids

some noob stuff but theres some good ones. Havent really check them all out but some of them must be old.

i like the way that urien owned makoto for free lol.

Blue Ken vs. Red Q was an extremely scrubby showing by both players.

At least the Q knew *how * to Kara throw, he just didn’t know when and how to use it. Otherwise, very strange play :confused:

I liked that vid, Hugo fucked up at the end, he coulda Moonsault Pressed Urien for that blocked EX Chariot Tackle but didn’t, woulda won him the match. While I never seen a dash-up to Violence Knee Drop - unblockable. While Hugo lands like 3 supers j/c lol. Great vid, quite entertaining, even the crowd thought so lol

Entertaining, but it was clear the Hugo couldn’t do standing 360s, nor understood Hugo’s ranges. He constantly used jump for his 360’s/720s, and tried to grab Urien from fricken stupid distances.

This is the best Hugo I’ve ever seen.

that hugo is hayao

That’s my scrubby-self.

I’m working on it, don’t be too rough on me.


That’s someone that relies on hugos 360/720 to win, he didn’t really use any of hugos other moves/combos effectively.


heres the daigo matches in case you didnt find them the first time

the first match its a ken vs ken and he taunts the guy, parrie,s then double srk for the kill pwnage…