Some advice needed please


I need help with a couple of things if someone wouldn’t mind helping me out.

First of all, I am having a hard time countering my friend’s “run, crouch, light punch, repeat” rushdown. I always try something, but I end up not being able to repel it, or I just get guard crushed. In fact, I am having a hard time repelling any for or rushdown, especialy from Rock and the shotos.

Another thing I could use some help with is picking a groove for my team. Right now my team is Rock R1, Geese/Honda R1 and Bison R2. My 2 best grooves are K and N.

Thanks in advance.


Pick your groove based on how you want to stop the rushdown.

In N-Groove, use a Counter Attack or Counter Movement Back Step (Counter Roll backwards) to get away from the rushing. It’ll cost you a super stock, but it’s better than getting your guard crushed and hit by a big super.

In K-Groove, JD everything. More important that you do, because your guard crush meter is 10% less.

Also, if you’re getting rushed down, try your best to avoid it altogether. Work on spacing and footsies to stay away from easy knockdowns and pressure-in situations.

The nice thing about N and K is that they’re pretty interchangable, because they both have run and small jump. K would probably be better suited with Bison, Rock and Geese, though.

To counter rushdowns with those characters (and I can’t believe you’re getting rushed down with those characters), do a Bison Scissors Kick and Rock’s and Geese’s counters.

You should be the one rushing down with that team.


Your friend gets around +7 every time he hits you with a crouching jab. Trying to force your way out of that can be risky. Be patient and wait for him to push himself out instead. After three crouching jabs is when you get your breathing room.

With Honda, you can do a LP headbutt in between the running anything. It’s really easy. That’s why you can’t rush down Honda. Cheap, easy mode defense. :bluu:


Awesome, thanks for the help guys, I’ll be sure to practice what you’ve told me.


Well, you have Rock and Geese. Just block one of the cr. jabs and do the low command counter grab for the next jab.

Pick K groove for that team.
Geese and Rock excel really good with rage. Bison has small jump and is pretty good sitting on a lvl 3 when raged. Then you can rush you opponent and get a setup for PC super with him. Honda, like in all grooves, can just sit there and do jab headbutt all day when they try to get close. If they try to attack, JD, throw, or JD something from afar.