Some advice on a recent purchase

Hey all,

So the other day I snag what appears to be a bargain on eBay. A boxed TE for 360, listed as ‘very good condition’, and I got it for around £50 (after submitting an offer to the seller). It arrives today and even at that low price I’m a little disappointed…

The buttons, balltop and side panels are yellowed like crazy (either from the sun or smoke). The top panel is equally faded, the bolts on top look like they’re made entirely of rust and the little control panel at the top left is all gunked. Add to that that the whole thing STINKS of smoke, and it was sent without the USB breakaway cable, and not such a bargain any more.

Question for you guys, what would you do about this? I’m not liking the idea of returning it as it’s such a pain in the ass, so I was thinking about asking for a partial refund. At the least, I want the seller to sort out the breakaway cable situation as I’m not exactly swimming in those things. Am I being unreasonable considering how cheap it was, or should I expect it to live up to the listing?

Also, given the cost (and assuming it works), anyone have any thoughts on just keeping the stick as a mod piece? I can pick up some buttons and a balltop fairly easily, and with a little more difficulty get a plexi.


if you hae to pay return cost then its going to cost about £15 tracked with signature, i would ask for £10 for a cable

dont open a case right away, message the seller and give him/her a chance to make it right

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Nice one anzhar, good points. The seller was actually really cool about it and sorted me out a £10 refund, so that’s sorted. Now I just have to try and source some side panels because these ones are GRIM. I thought about painting them but it seems a little too delicate for me. Sadly madcatz UK store is no more so I can’t just buy from there which is a pain, guess I’ll keep my eyes open on ebay.

you will have to buy a full stick, very difficult (id say impossible in uk) to find just side panels

i would try this on the yellowed parts:

I feel your pain, @homerjwho. I recently acquired a “works beautifully, used only twice and put away” TE round 2 from Fleabay that had been ground-on for years. Dust, dirt, gunk (and curly hairs) n’ all. I took it apart, cleaned it and swapped out the stick and buttons.

@Dubon’s link is legit. I used the same method on de-yellowing several OG Transformers and Robotech toys a while back. That however, is secondary to the smoke smell. The only things that will adequately remove that stench are either cigarette-smell-removing enzymatic cleaning agents (potentially bad for electronics), or an ozone emitter (potentially bad for electronics, and um…the planet).

My advice? Disassemble that stick, temporarily removing all electronic components from the equation. Give it a thorough cleaning, and retrobrite them side panels. Reassemble (once everything is nice and dry) and feel accomplished.

Check out the series of old vids for instructions on the TE takeapart. There are 8 vids, but several will be irrelevant to your particular scenario (though insightful to watch nonetheless).
SRK’s (1/8) Tech Review of Mad Catz FightStick TE by ShinJN