Some AE Matches from evo west

Linking some matchups my bro uploaded to youtube since the main page is flooded right now.

Alex vs Chen in winners bracket: [media=youtube]BmL__TM4Ons[/media]

Alex comeback vs Valle: [media=youtube]XCuZ3b7GuKc[/media]

Grand Finals first set: [media=youtube]DIKCBMu2zVo[/media]

Grand Finals second set: [media=youtube]YOqIopenIBM[/media]

I’m not trying to be wolfe specific, but thats all he managed to snag off the front page =)

EDIT: Adding one more video

Graham vs Alex Wolfe top of winners bracket: [media=youtube]UoBc4IN8H2Q[/media]


Been trying to DL from the front page, but couldn’t.


anyone got all of those ae vids… willing to host them

Great matches, thanks Graham.

You gotta love that comeback!! Awesome vids guys!


Retro Street Fighter…How can you NOT LOVE IT!!!

Good shit, thanks for posting the vids.

CE Bison OMFG so happy to see Dahlsim comeback with that cheap ass slide -> throw – shit is gorgeous.

dhalsim vs dhalsim = sex

that match is hella skillful

thats not that cheap very easy to see that tick coming…most people throw anyway after they see a slide because if you block the slide you will either throw or hit him wit ha HP…sometimes dhalsim’s throw comes out before your i guaruntee CE bison was throwing but it didnt…trust me i play CE everyday

I was being sarcastic when I said “cheap” note the subsequent statement of “shit is gorgeous”.

oh i got ya…its kind of gay CE’ bison cant tech his throws

Hehe like bison doesnt have enough, might as well just give him a fireball too eh =P

true dat man…to bad they dont do a CE’ tourny we ( family) would be there in a heart beat…i hate this console HF2…the only thing its good for is ST…someone should bring a CE’ machine to evo and get some of the real mans street fighter in…they should bring some 3s cabinets too because console is horrible

EDIT: mad props to you guys very good match vids kind makes me want to play ST…nice shit thought wolfe brothers

if you want to download them (or anything else from youtube), go to Just paste those links from the first post into the empty field. After you have downloaded it, rename the file type from “.flv” to “.wmv” and it will play in windows media player.

simply amazing…wow

They still got CE tournaments in Korea

good to see Rog start raping in the second set!..but how come no wiff Kick dash punch, head butt?
i thought i saw some openings.


Was holding kick buttons entire time almost.

ya, i just thought of that after i posted:sweat:
good shit, Wolfes!