Some aggravating things about "Online players"

Do you guys play online? And I’m assuming that most of you do, and if you do, when you play online, do you online players just annoy you sometimes?

This doesn’t have to do with their play style, so it is not a thread about complaining about how they play. It’s the egotistical high-ranked BP bastards who think they are the shit just because they boosted their BP rank up hella high in Top5-10.

Some “top players online” have this really cocky attitude where they think they are better than the world, and they’ll make up excuses for why they lost (if you kicked their ass), or they will just leave within 2-3 games if you don’t beat them once and they do that to just piss you off.

Does that ever happen to you guys?

Just yesterday I beat a top player like 6-7 games in a row and he blamed the lag and because “oh, I don’t try when I play in Endless lobbies.” Seriously, that’s a lame excuse. And if that player is reading this thread, shame on you.

I’m not too fond of the guy who was hosting a match and you play him, he wins, doesn’t matter how he did it, he won. You go back to look for him in ranked and he isn’t there. Most of the time, guys do that to dodge there opponent because they’re afraid of rematches. A lot of the times it’s the “haha I beat you and you’ll never get a chance to run it back” or “damn I got lucky, I probably won’t win a rematch if we play again so I won’t give him that chance” factor.

It’s not always that reason, but I’m sure a lot of people have that mentality. And no, I don’t think anybody owes you a FT10 or anything at all. But it would be appreciated if they at least give you one rematch.

Pussies, that’s what they are. The reason why I reached 4715 PP back in PSN-SSF4 days, was because I was always challenging and rematching players. I didn’t care if they were bad or good, I was always accepting rematches. It’s because you know, you kinda get into the game. The points just don’t matter at one point, it’s all about “playing to win.”

Anyways, when a person complains and says that your matches are too laggy, is that really true? Is it REALLY honestly true when they say your games are too laggy? Or is it just an excuse? Cuz seriously, our lag was actually fine, about 90% of the time it was pretty smooth. If it was smooth for me, why would it not be smooth for him? I have an A+ Rank computer… so I dunno. I need this misconception cleared up.

Top PP players are usually sincere and play with respect.

Top BP players appear cocky and always has something to prove. And instead of playing professionally, they’ll do whatever to troll for a win.

It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny when you 20 ZIP a top RANKING player.

Please do not confuse TOP PLAYERS with TOP RANKING PLAYERS.

Just saying in general.

Back when PSN-SSF4 Chocolate days was actually good, there were a lot of humble Top PP players. Some times I was really able to sense that they had pretty chill personalities, and when it all boiled down to something, it wasn’t about the points. It was about the challenges we brought forth to each other.

Anyways, my ranking on PC is shitty because I stopped caring about my rank since PSN days. But I’ll tell you what, it was a pain in the ass to get a PP of 4715 back then lol.

Nowadays I’m only at 2800-3000PP but I’m messing around with 3500+ players and they are surprised that I am able to keep up with them. It’s because I was once in the high rank range. Now this is not about me, the point I am trying to make is, you will NEVER know who you will fight, doesn’t matter how many the points they have. You don’t know that person’s history, you don’t know who they are, so just because you meet them in Endless, it does not make a valid excuse to say “I didn’t try because I am not serious about Endless lobbies.” Amiright?

Because your “A+ computer” does not run your internet, their internet, or their computer.

I’ll rematch people if they aren’t trolling and are legitimately trying to get better/adapt/or just plain run it back. But if the lag is bad enough where I’m consistently dropping 2f links and teching isn’t happening then I’m just going to boot you. You can think about how badly I want those points. Or you can realize that one of us isn’t getting shit out of the match and doesn’t really want to bother with learning online exclusive material.


I wish gridman would stop booting me on that note.

But, if you really wanna play that guy who beat you in ranked again. Just send them a message. Works for me and people who want to play me again usually do…

When I play ranked and host, more than once, I’ve encountered really crappy players that want to play me over and over. After a few times, I usually just leave so someone else can challenge me (I don’t even kick them). The reason being is that it just plain isn’t fun when a match isn’t even remotely competitive. I could care less about points. I will sometimes get hatemail for this, which is really funny.

That being said, I really wish the "more skilled’ filter worked. Sometimes I watch those Topanga streams where Mago plays a bunch of good people in a row. I wonder if it’s different because it’s Japan, it’s Xbox (I’m on PS3), or they set up the matches beforehand. All I know is that half the matches I play online are against people who aren’t very good at all. Having skilled friends who you can play against is where it’s at, but when you play only periodically, that really isn’t an option.

I kick for 3 reasons and I only play endless battle:

1- Too laggy and I can feel the game is slow causing me to drop links more often than normal and can’t tech or AA properly, if there’s huge lag spikes where someone is obviously downloading porn while playing you, I just wait till the match is over and immediately kick lol.
2- I win many matches in a row without putting in real effort (i.e the other player is even scrubbier than I am lol and just isn’t willing to adapt and do the same shit all over the place).
3- People who change their character after every single match, I don’t mind switching characters at all but geezus not every damn round! I don’t play much so when I get the opportunity to do that I’d like to learn some matchups whether I’m winning or not.

How do so many players on here have 75% win rates and over 3500PP?

You want your ideal winrate to be around 50%


A good note would be if you’re winning too much, you need to play against better players. Unless you consider yourself an amazing player or something.

lots of terrible competition?

i also find that you fight far more scrubs when you host. cant skill filter if you create a lobby. but then your searches turn up blank a lot if you want more skilled

i recently started a new acct where i do nothing but host. my win pct is considerably higher. by like around 15-20% after around 400 matches

theres a few factors to consider with that.

  1. new acct dosent have all my matches from reg super
  2. i havent had the acct long enough for multiple troll matches
  3. im probrably a better player now than i was then

but besides all that, you definately run into more bums when youre the host. like i’ll sometimes have to fight 9-10 guys in a row with below 2000pp. you usually only get one or 2 guys of 3k plus out of every 15-20 matches. if you are searching more skilled, i notice the points are usually kinda close, or the guy has way more than you.

all i get is more skilled players and all of them are dicks cause im free

had one vega player today that was pretty good to my knowlegde of this game…raped me…then procede to troll me with vega which i didn’t know how to punish…“ok whatever ill learn to beat it” i said. next match…picks hakan


beat his hakan…then kick him. i learn nothing from these type of matches lol

The very fact that you kick players who are trying to troll, it will prepare you only to be bare naked in the battlefield with no armor or sword. In other words, you will not be prepared for the cheap tricks that is also essential to learn. Unless you kicked him because he was easy, then that is understandable. But if you kicked him because he was doing stupid stuff and aggravated you, then that is wrong. Fight them.

Usually top PP players 4500+ PP who got their points on a legit way,respect other players and rarely act with a bad attitude in endless or at least I haven’t seen any since AE.
About giving a rematch in ranked is another thing because although I do not care myself about points it is still kinda annoying when you play someone who has let me say 0 PP and 0 BP and he is not new/decent-good at this game.Basically when someone like this keeps joining your ranked match and wins 1 out of 20 games,then you would lose more points than you would gain and that’s the reason why some high PP players do kick ppl from ranked after 1 match noticing you have almost no points.

Most online players have no respect for you, They just press buttons and do whatever they can for a “Cheap win”.

Considering what SRK was conceived as you’d expect most of those players to be on here, especially if they are from the US/Canada.

Last I checked there were 1500ish players 3500PP and over on XBL, and more on PSN, then some on PC, it’s not ridiculous that 5-10%~ of those players happen to post on SRK.

This is a pretty big assumption. If I’m hosting a ranked lobby and a terrible player keeps joining I will probably kick them because I’m not learning anything playing them. It has nothing to do with pissing the other person off, it’s that I’m literally wasting my time playing them.

I hope you aren’t serious.

no i kick him because the guy obviously didn’t play hakan at all and i was sure wasn’t gonna play his main no more and wanted to be a dick. i didn’t care bout the cheap tatics but if you not gonna fight me then i can’t help but to find someone else then.

I will usually play people a maximum of three times in Ranked (in a row at least). After that, I start kicking. If I wanted to run prolonged sets I’d be in Endless.