Some animations I made

Here are some animations I made in Photoshop and imageready. I just started using imageready. SO I’m really new at this.

Here’s one of one of my characters.

Here’s one of a stupid game called Captain Novolin for the Super Nintendo.

Here’s a walk cycle I did for another character I made up.
The Character:

The Animation.

sorry but i think this is fuckin hilarious
its like the dude doesnt know whats going on since hes spastically looking everywhere

but anyway try to maintain a consistency with your animations! on the second animation, there is no sense of UMPH. the dudes fist slid off his face like butter. the impact is the most important part of it!

That punching animation was made really quick so I didn’t really make it all that well. As for the head, I wanted him looking back and forth, but it went too fast. It actually kinda looks like he’s slapping his mount’s rump.

Imageready is really easy to use, and it’s very simple.

Ah, cool stuff Scissorman. :cool: Animation is quite fun.

Dude, youre an ass… hahaha because you’re so right! I was like whats this…that thing is funny as shit its my new avatar.

The others are badass keep up the good work. I’d love if you could help me with animating short movements and animations. I’d like to make a custom SF animation one day and not the trace an older sprite way.

Glad you like them! I could help maybe.

Here’s a new one I did of the Maxx.

very nice. love the cycle on the quadruped. good stuff.

Thanks man!

the Maxx!? I *love *you.

Kinda just found about the Maxx, and got interested very quickly. Such a cool design!

looks good scissorman! the legs look good but his arms are a little jumpy from frame to frame