Some basic Ken mix ups

I’m bored, and i guess i can post that way when i don’t see my name on the “Last post” i can know if someone actually
contributed something.

My team is Ken A Psylocke A, Storm A.

Some basic mix ups are:

Ken on point.

Crouching Lk,(Call storm) Foward HK overhead, dash foward crouching lk croughing hp air hurricane kick.

Whenever you land the air hurricane kick you have alot of mix up options.

first off there are two ways to do it. I guess i can share it with you guys but if anyone actually wants to know everything i know just message me on aim : TyphoonYah… with low tiers it’s better to be have some unexpected aces up your sleeve, (not trying to hold out) it’s just that i want someone who actually want to learn ken to know all his zaniness not some guy who is facing kens (there are too few already) and wants techincal data.

Anyways , you can do it straight off the launch or you can go up lk into hurricane kick.

the reason this is important is because you both will recover at different times, and allows for different mix ups depending on

A. If your opponent tries to hit you on the way down off of the straight hurricane kick ac.

B. If your opponent Blocks

C. Your opponent tries to throw you

I won’t tell you all the options but if your opponent tries to hit you here’s what you can do.

You can probably beat out his attack by mashing lk , and if you do you’ll pop him up. You can then either

  1. Walk under him wait till he lands and crouching lk into launch into another ac. (this isn’t too recommended simply because it’s not as safe as 2. and 3 and if your opponent tried to wriggle his way out of the first part of the combo he’ll prolly try to hit you on the way down)

  2. You land you jump up foward and lk call psylocke , what this does is because of his lk’s hit box which hits behind him you can hit them from behind and let them get hit by psylocke then you juggle and hurricane kick them again which should kill them.

  3. This is a variation on no. 2 , i’ll just list the two options you can either jump straight up and lk psylocke so if they are used to no. 2 they block the wrong way, or you can attempt and go for a cross up when they land by jumping over them which is riskier.

You all should know the basic , crouching lk ,(psylocke) lp roll and crouching lk, c. mk (psy) hp roll.

also for those who try to cross up with a hurricane kick.

here’s some helpful advice even though it’s risky to try to do the follow up.

You can only do a “Cross up” Hurricane Kick when your opponent’s character’s sprite turns around. You can’t hit them while their back is turned, if you do it low enough to the ground you can combo into the shoryureppa after it.

that’s the follow up option, and it is risky simply because if you hit them too early the hit stun may not be enough and you end up getting blocked and eating a combo.

You can also snap out out of a psylocke hit by doing the sweep as a juggle and canceling the sweep into a snap out.

sry if this is basic… well good luck…

  • Jin