Some Bread and a Tub of Butter Please!

Hello! Im pretty much no the basics of so some Links and FADC Basics! But now im moving onto theBNB moves i read through the ‘Delta Red Basics’ Thread and im trying the BNB moves with Gaurd on Auto Block. Cause from what people who taught me say its best to use that as it shows if you moves are flowing but when i try the BNB I cant Seems to get it to flow past 2nd hit!
So what BNB moves do you use that Flow good but also Not too long So maybe 4-5 Button inputs Memory not so good at this stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you are playing Cammy, the BnB you are going to use is, cr.lp, xx spiral arrow. These are linked; which means that the buttons are pressed as soon as you see them finish. If you do it right, you’ll have a 4 to 5 hit combo depending on the spacing and the strenght of the spiral arrow used. Please remember that you have to practice this a bit before it’ll start working.

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Awsoem thanks and my bad! Didnt see Q&A thread! But ill try that Tonight then and thats pretty much same move i tend to do Mid game o so thank you :slight_smile:

That bnb is garbage. Cr. Lk. Cr.lp cr. Mp/mk xx mk spiral arrow is better

Or cr. Lp st. Hp xx hk spiral arrow

Correction: that bnb is NOT garbage. I stand corrected.

Its not garbage its really safe and easy to hit confirm and there is like no risk of dropping the link. and at the moment heavy arrow hits twice out of it. id go further to say cr lk cr lp cr mk xx mk arrow is trash, when you have cr lp st hp xx heavy arrow

Daw. I had to go into training mode to see what cammy was talking about. I stand utterly corrected.

Cammy knows best cr.lp st.hp xx hk sa is my bnb of choice with cammy. It has better damage than cr.lp xx hk sa and is just as easy to execute. I usually plink the hp to make sure i always hit it.

And even easier is cr. lp cr. mp xx hk sa. I can hit this combo 99% of the time without plinking the mp.

Yea thats one of my fluent BNB moves which i pretty much do without thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

Once you get good at doing cr.lp cr. mp xx SA I think you should be aiming to try do cr.lp st.fp xx HK SA, just for the extra damage. I’m trying to work on doing that currently, even though my reflexes always make me go for the lol.

The funny thing is i started with the st. Fierce as my bnb and now i’m slowly incorporating the basic bnb… Lol