Some buttons give no response? Help please!

So i just bought a Madcatz TE from someone (used), and everything worked, but the RT button was wired to LB instead. So i opened it up and tried to connect the RT wires to the RT button, but it didn’t work. And i know it’s not the button because i tried to plug in the LT wire to it as well, and that didn’t work. So in short, only the RT and LT wire’s aren’t giving me a response. Every other button works fine. Help please! thanks guys

What model TE do you have and any pics you have of the internals are greatly appreciated

The Triggers not working is a known problem with Xbox 360 TE.
There is no fix for it.

That is why your Seller switched the LT/RT and LB/RB positions.
So that he can play games in 6-button Layout.

I’m not home right now, i could take pics as soon as i get home. But according to jdm714, either way it’s not fixable. :frowning:

Oh alright i see. Well that’s pretty trash :confused: what’s the source of the problem though?

Sometimes unplugging and replugging will make the Triggers work again.
But then the Triggers will just die eventually.
And replugging will do nothing.

so theres absolutely no permanent fix? that really sucks :confused: well thank you guys!

So now my RB was giving my problems. I would play for a while and it would function just fine, and then it would stop responding for a few seconds. After that, it would go back to normal :confused: any explanations?

Button’s may be worn and need replacing.

so is there more of a chance that it’s the button rather than the board or some other internal part?

you think that bad I cant even work box

No idea. Try troubleshooting. Switch buttons and wires around and see what changes.

Hey toodles it’s nick on a new account. I switched the buttons around and still had the same problem, so it’s definitely not the button. RB is still giving me problems randomly, then starting to work again. But i also found that when it did stop working and i hit all 3 punches (X, Y, and RB) it worked again. Weird right? do you have any idea as to why that’s happening?

help please, bump bump bump