Some Capcom Sketches

Hey y’all, I’m kinda new to the forums… and I’d like to post some artwork here, since as a player I don’t have that much to show, hahahahaha…
well I’m a capcom art whore, so check out these sketches =)

Sodom and birdie:

Captain Commando

see you around guys :wgrin:

Great stuff, I like how Cap came out, even though you didn’t like it ;p.

Dooo Karin!

Wearing like next to nothing!



sup ZEBES… good to see you here too :slight_smile:

I’m liking the Capt Commando sketches, they’re looking good!
nice fluid movement in the bottom right pic.

Why are you drawing pictures of men?:confused:

But nice work, definately a top-tier artist.

I really like that captain commando, Ive tried to draw him but those funky arms always mess me up

ZEBES! What’s up man! I still got the sketches! I haven’t gotten to them yet, but I definitely will dood! Great work! Peace!