Some casual 3s anyone?

So ummm yea anyone want to play some casuals no money involved I suck and would like to play more people, or I can do what i do every year and kidnap random jap with random translator assist

i suck at 3s and translation lets do it.

we rooming with mike we can kidnap em all

ill play yea my elena needs some work :slight_smile:

ill play you…my ibuki wants revenge:wink:

ill be in byoc, a ps2 taped ksizzle on it play me!

you down to play for shots? im not kidding

wat happened to our 100 dollar mm?

this is neiman from irc.

Told you already, all my money matches are off. Dont care about them to be honest, NAM YOUR ON BRUTHA!

I’ll glady play. I’m terrible and my Yang needs practice…a lot of practice.

Me too, I ain’t played in over 2 years

let me know where and when

Leave some room for me. I want LOTS AND LOTS of casual.