Some casual colors

Casual meaning quick, experimental, and mostly lazy.

Over the weekend I felt like trying to color some roughs that I had sketched up a long time ago. But these are items that did not have proper scans or proper line art or inking, etc, so I was basically just thinking up ways to experiment.

I know there’s a lot of room for improvement everywhere, but I’m just testing stuff for fun. These where sketches I did at work when I was supposed to be doing other things.









DS Lips

when adding values to your base colors, you should avoid adding just black and white for shadows and lighting.

those tongue pictures are charming in an odd sort of way though!

Thankie mr.woof. After I posted I went looking at tutorials and saw, hehe. Oh well.


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Kind of a WIP but I’m not sure I’ll finish, I just wanted to try using multiple color values.

I guess I should just stick to doodles.

^an improvement already! just make sure that with bold, black lines, in most cases you have to complement them with strong colors and values so one doesn’t overpower the other.

Thanks woofie. I’ll try and work on that.

I tried a few more really quick and lazy ones.

The first one, Nanako, is very much unfinished, but I’ve gotten tired of it so I think I’ll move on.


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But after I finished these I went looking on youtube and saw people using lots of different methods, so next time I’m going to try doing things really differently.

So woof, if you notice this thread again, I appreciate your advice. I had a question regarding this, though.

Assuming I start with thick, bold, black lines, is there a nice method to finely/smoothly reduce the thickness of the lines very easily?

I was experimenting with feathering and anti-aliasing but those methods didn’t work too well. I also tried an edge enhancement filter which worked really well for some things, but not others (and also caused other issues). I can’t think of any other way other than like having to manually re-draw the lines or smooth them out with brush/smudge strokes, which in my case isn’t really an option because I don’t have a tablet and doing that with a mouse is like fux no thx.

I do understand what you mean regarding the strong color values to counter balance the dark lines, but sometimes I want the colors to be dark and drab anyway, so n this case I need to figure out what to do with the lines…

Well, anyway here’s what I’m currently working on.

Shhh it’s a secret, don’t tell no one.

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I was planning on making his pants camo, and giving his dogtags a chain, and adding a flag tattoo to his right arm. But yeah I’m getting lazy and impatient again.

I wanted to experiment with a different coloring method.

I was too lazy to fix the rough sketch at all, so I didn’t (but yeah I know it’s fucked up). I just wanted to get a quick rough down so I could experiment with a different coloring method.

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It kinda felt like working with watercolor sorta. Looks weird though.

as far as the colors go, there isn’t enough contrast between the light and dark colors. i haven’t worked with watercolor in a few years but one thing i learned was not to work on a certain area too much or try to fix anything. also try painting it in a cel-shaded style. if you want a softer look then use a wet brush to go along between the light and dark areas so they slightly blend into one another. hope that helps

if this is all done in photoshop then disregard what i said

It was. The rough was with a #2 pencil and the rest was digital. I was trying to emulate the medium sorta.

Thanks for the comments though, I can still use the advise.

I’m trying a bit more oddball comic-style, sorta.

This is supposed to be a logo for a web site.


These are just the flats and line art, and beyond that just a little color on the leaves of the palms. The colors need to be reworked definitely, like especially the hammock. I want to put a wrap-around rope for the hammock around the tree. Also the background is inconsequential since it will just be deleted for whatever background it’s overlayed with.

Also I did this during an IRC chat discussion.

Top of the head is lopsided. Left side of face (her right) looks boyish. But whatever, it was a quickie.

Another quick one for that same IRC conversation.


Ehhh, people complained the other one was “creepy” so I made this version;

Also this:


all together:

I made a Yuyuko.

She is happy.

LOL I made a heffer.

She’s got curves.

Hehe I just wanted to try some stuff anyway so I didn’t bother finishing it.

More, I guess.




I dunno, still trying to figure out how to color things (I know the line art sucks).

Did this last night.


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I don’t think I understand how to create contrasting gradients with airbrushing. At least, not the way I want to understand.

^ his nose should cast a shadow too :slight_smile:

best advice SFMC gave me was to think of painting as “creating shapes”. It’s pretty interesting if you look at it that way – breaking the volume down using shapes that help define the subject.

Thanks, I enjoy hearing tidbits like that a lot. I especially appreciate it because I’m not in school nor have I been to art school. I was recently told of a way to approach colors so I’m giving that a try now.

Here is my current work in progress:

I’ll be sure to post again when it’s finished of course.

Your colours just keep getting better and better it’s cool to see the progression since the beginning of the thread. Good stuff

Just need to sharpen up your anatomy (don’t we all :wink: ) and mind your scratchy look on your line art.

As the day draws closer to an end on the East Coast I decided to “finish” that previous WIP. Meaning, I could go on and on forever but I really just want it to be done, so I’m calling it done and tagging it for 4th of July. Updated previous post.

Direct linky: here

Haha, funny you say this, last night I was thinking about precisely that. My anatomy will forever suffer because I have tunnel vision, and some weird left/right brain thing. But, I was telling myself that I should really paint over my sketches or at least ink proper line art (and then still paint over the lines because I’m terrible anyway).

But I LIKE my chicken scratch! :stuck_out_tongue:

[Edit]: Also FYI: I strongly encourage any sort of tidbits like what has been posted in this thread so far by everyone (thanks woof/pootnannies/rook/cptmunta). I really take it to heart and I believe it effects me a lot. I may joke about it, but believe me the next time I try to do anything I will really keep in mind any advice thrown my way.

Well, sorry to be a bore, but I’m just going to ramble on for a moment.

This is what I was talking about, regarding the left/right brain thing and tunnel vision:

To me the above image looks totally accurate, it doesn’t appear that there’s anything wrong with it when I look at it like that.

But when I mirror it


Now the above image is just mirrored, but it forces my brain to look at it differently, and it looks horribly skewed and jacked up, etc.

So I would go and edit it as such


That looks a bit better but it’s still awkward.

It’s mostly in the hair that is awkward to me though, which might not necessarily be the case (who knows what else my brain isn’t able to “see”).

But yeah this is what I’m up to with that little ditty now


[edit] (next post) [/edit]

Nose needs to be rotated to compensate for the skew. Area around eyes need shading. Shirt needs color. Ears need color. Hair needs adjusting on the right (his left). etc etc.