Some challenge help?

I’m currently going through the challenges on Super Street Fighter IV, but I get stuck at challenge 7 for Ryu, and I’m not sure why. The combo is [Crouch] H:p: [Crouch] H:p: [Crouch] M:k: (If I remember it right). I can never seem to finish this, the guy seems to block them alot.

It’s cr.MP, cr.MP, cr.HK. Medium punch, not heavy, and heavy kick. not medium.

Just find out the rhythm for connecting the two medium punches, and then add the heavy kick at the end with the same timing.

Sorry, I knew I’d probably got the buttons wrong I knew it was punch punch kick, I’ll try find a rhythm - Can I add you on XBL? I have tons of problems, I’m a truly massive noob.

plink it

Not to discourage you, but I hope you’re ready to be 10 billion times more frustrated by these trials in the future :slight_smile:

Ryu #21 took me 7 straight days before I got it. I made at least 2,000 attempts.

And to this day I still haven’t done #24. I’ve spent probably 18 hours total doing nothing but this combo and I still feel like it’s impossible. It’s ridiculously hard to link not to mention FADC into U2 which Dan always blocks even if you manage to pull it off 1 out of 500 attempts.

Lol i feel your pain, I also am stuck on the same ryu trials you are :frowning: can never seem to connect the U2 at the end, aaargh!?!@?!

For Ryu 24 try doing:
cr.MK xx Hadoken FADC > cr.MK xx EX Tatsumaki > Metsu Shoryuken

It’s a little easier to hit than the normal trial, and all you have to do at the end is mash the ultra out during the tatsu.

Besides, everybody has to start somewhere; trials you have trouble with now will be part of your warm up session eventually…

They have been driving me crazy, balrog cr, st, ultra or juri jump hk, hcb kick just won’t land for me

If you think that’s frustrating, wait till you try Makoto 24, Viper 24, and Ibuki 24.

Ken 24 is deceivingly tough, too, but super flashy so at least you feel good for pulling it off.

For the trials where you have to link normal moves like Ryu’s cr.MP > cr.MP > cr.HK, the timing is weird on a pad.

My best advice is that all the trials become much, much easier on a stick, in my opinion. I was a pad player all my life and after vanilla SF4 came out, I switched to stick. After just a few months of practice I was landing all of my main’s trials (Chun-Li) with no problem. When Super came out I made it a personal goal to get 100% on the trials without asking anyone to do them for me, and a few months ago I finished up the last couple I needed for 100%.

What I did was I’d sit down every once in a while and spend a good chunk of time just trying to do trials for each character, and if I couldn’t get them that time I’d leave it alone for few days and try it again the next time I picked up the game.

Also, for more complicated trials, break the trial down into parts and make sure you can do each part individually, then try to combine them together to make the whole trial combo.

In any case, I can confidently say that some of those trials I would never be able to complete on pad.

I only have Fuerte 24, Viper 24, and Gen 20-24. So close.

Good sir, you just saved me many many hours of frustration.

Right after I read this post, I went and practiced FADC > cr.MK xx EX Tatsu for about an hour, and within another hour I had this trial completed.

I kinda feel like I cheated but w/e I’m just glad to be done with it.