Some cheap shit? block buttons?

I was playing marvel earlier today and someone made a joke about having a block button. Thought about it for a second, and if you had 2 extra buttons for fwd and back, it would probably work. Anyone ever tried anything like this? You could probably make a down button too, so every block situation would be a button command.

is this type of stuff evo legal?

Illegal, thats why mortal kombat isn’t played at evo because mortal kombat has a block button.

Theoretically you could just do a daisy chain from the directional microswitches to a button as well. Like daisy chaining grounds. For me htough, it wouldn’t feel natural to have a button for block seeing as how fast paced marvel plays.
Also, you’d have to wire it to the NO on the microswitch. If you wired it to NC I think your character would always be walking back/forward/blocking.
NO=Normally Open meaning you have to press the button to complete the circuit and thus activate a button press.
NC=Normally Closed meaning the circuit is always closed and pressing a button opens it up and the releasing of the button is what actuall causes it to activate. If you used this configuration it would seem like your character is always walking back or forward (because of the completed circuit).
I’m pretty sure this is how the NO/NC terminals work on microswitches but if I’m wrong someone correct me.

virtua fighter has a block button, you’re an idiot.

I was being sarcastic you idiot


If need a block button you will get destroyed anyway… No advantage in having one…
Although playin a SF game without a joystick and using all bottons would be interesting… Hard as hell…

nah you wouldnt get destroyed actually. I think it would make it easier if anything. You would still have a stick its just you have 4 buttons for fwd and back. 2 on the joystick and 2 buttons. If you didnt like the feel of block buttons, you could always not use them. It would probably feel weird at first but if you got used to them, im pretty sure you could block as well as the pros.

what about fake buttons? I was at a tournament not to long ago and I went for a cheese. The guy heard my buttons and parried my super. You could pull off some tricky ass shit if you had a fake button. Are they evo legal?

None of this is usefully possible - you’d have to screen-capture for the (dumb) switches for them to know what to do, and then you’d have to get them to properly interpret that data - and since they have zero function right now other than ON/OFF switches for the current: wow, you’d have a fuckload of work to do. That would be tons of highly technical work for extremely low value, and it’d be a waste of time because you would not be able to decode that data and have the button react within the 1 frame or less that you would need for that magic button to function effectively.

No - fake buttons would get you kicked out. That’s been discussed elsewhere. You can use the game-supplied macros, but your controller itself may not provide any. Otherwise people with programmable pads would have a significant advantage.

i think he meant like dummy buttons where its not wired to anything like an 8 button stick with only 6 of them wired up.

a tactic i saw used alot with some people is to fake hit a button, like move your arm is if you are going to mash something and then pull back at the last second to make the other guy flinch and push something.

This is exactly what I meant. Fake hitting wont work all the time though because its one of the oldest sf2 tricks. People started listening for the sounds to counter fake hit. Fake button = a button that does nothing. I should of said that earlier but I assumed that everyone would get that.

so can I have buttons that do nothing at evo?

i have no clue what preppy is talking about. That guy is in left field.

We went from “block buttons” (which you brought up and I responded to) to “dummy buttons”. Dummy buttons are expected and allowed. I thought that would have been straight-forward since if you have been to any major console tourney you will note that most console sticks/pads are 8-button, whereas the Capcom fighting games only use 6 buttons.

hmm? is this about the block button?
i think Kenzilla meant just adding buttons for Left and Right, and leaving the decision making to the player.

Nothing is illegal at EVO. Thats why you see all these videos of jokers relaunching and juggling people over and over again in Marvel vs Capcom 2 and glorifying how broken the game is.

Except using 3 Punch, 3 Kick. That is banned in Evo because that would be too much of an advantage…

And fake buttons would really only be useful in games such as Tekken or DOA. Why would anyone fall for button sounds in 2-D Fighters?

Plz STFU :rolleyes:

I’ll take it under advisment :wink:

some supers beat normal moves in 3s. You can hear someone do a move and you can counter with a super. If you had a fake button you can pretend to do moves. Am i the only person who sees some potential in this…

Guess we’ll have to settle for people bringing 8 button joysticks to tourneys for “baiting” counter-hit jabs/shorts with fake buttons.
You get this sometimes with converted cabinets, but with the set standard being 6 buttons normally you can only downgrade from 6 to 4 like with Tekken or some such.

But to make that “standard” for cabinets and everything would probably be absurd…

Then again “cross-ups” were an accident at first after all, so why not?:rofl:

I like the idea of a block button for 3d games similar to Ergheiz or Powerstone (been a while do those kinds of games even HAVE a block option?) but to eliminate that feeling of security from simply holding the block button down to catch a 5 minute breather, have it so you have to tap the block button for every attack thrown your way. Since those are 3d games instead of 2d games it’s not like you’re dealing with 2 frame jabs at all so it shouldn’t be too hard to react.
Especially when the fastest “Tekken” jab is 8 frames.

Rise of the Kasai (mentioned for its slight similarity, but not a fighter) featured something kinda neat when you’re going at it with no weapons (stealth mode) where you hit R1 during an enemy’s attack and you pry the weapon from them and impale them with it.
Eventually the AI adapts due to probability or whatever and they counter that (Tekken chicken I guess)

Maybe they can work something from those ideas including the joystick motions and get some kung fu/tai chi “sticky hands” stuff going on. Dunno.

You overanalyzed it preppy. he meant a button that correspons to “left” one to “right” and one to “down” so that you could press the button for those directions rather than the stick itself. Useless IMO.

Edit: actually, it’d be broken in a game like cvs or marvel.It would eliminate the possibility of crossups since you could now just hold both left and right if you thought it was going to happen.

This is why you see a lot of players randomly mashing in games other than MvC2. Parrying Chun-Li’s SAII while the other player’s braying at his controls isn’t going to be the easiest of tasks without getting distracted.