Some combo tips

hey guys,i just bash my training dummi and thought about some combos.

im not interested in combos like 50000hits and knocks out my enemy in one strike…i just want “usefull” combos

for example:

jHK->sHK->xLegs->xLegs->Ultra =603 dmg and useful (cause not hard to put in)

i want to know,what i can do after the kikoken from this combo:


i know,i can do super after that…but i think its waste of ex.i never have enough ex for super (if i dont play against some random)

what do u guys do after this combo?

or this one:


in the corner i do xSBK.but what if im not in corner?

There is a question thread, moveset thread, and combo thread up top. Use those, try not to make a new thread for everything you want to say.

It would help to read through those threads too, as there are TONS of info, before you decide to ask something that might have been covered already.

ok,sry :pleased:

i just want to know,what good chun players do,not what i CAN do…its not every time the best i want a fee tips,what would be useful after those combos

No need to be sorry. =)

after the slap, you don’t have to do the kikoken, you can also do non ex.legs and end it with a sweep… i;m not sure if you can do the sweep at the end but you can do the legs

^^ if its forward legs you can sweep after but its a 1 frame link I believe.

The main problem with your combos are that they are jump-ins.
Chun-Li relies on her ground game more than anything else, since her jump is floaty. If you need to get some air or open a combo, you would need to Hazanshu.

My two most used combos are:
c.lp c.lp c.lp s.lp s.hp
and xx ex legs

You will land jabs and shorts more than you will land a j.hp or a

Punisher or my combo after an FA is:
c.hp cancelled to hk legs to mashed mk legs xx ex legs
I find the ex legs easier to do compared to trying to get that sweep. Really need to learn that timing.

And another useful combo is:
Hazanshu ex legs or the meterless version of it, Hazanshu c.lp s.hp