"Some combos or move properties in the trial version may be different from the current retail..."?


Hi guys,

I got home from work today with a new copy of SFV for my PS4 from Amazon.

After putting in the disc, the PS4 automatically downloaded and installed the Version 1.08 Update File (as shown in the Notifications area in the PS4 home. After it installed, the game automatically loaded, at which point it installed the in-game patch version 02.010, rebooted intself, and now Ver.02.010 is displayed in the top-left of the SFV main menu screen.

If I go to Challenges and then select either Trails or Demonstrations, a window pops up stating “Some combos or move properties in the trail version may be different from the current retail version”.

Is this normal? Did I buy a demo copy or something? I’m wondering if this means that these modes haven’t been updated since further balance patches have come out, but if so, that’s a real odd way to word it.

If from the PS4 home screen, I press Down instead of starting the game, it does state it’s the “Full Game”, but this is an odd warning… FWIW, I’m still currently downloading the Cinematic Story Expansion “A Shadow Falls”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit to add: sorry if this is in the wrong subforum. Also, I did a search, but I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere else.


Usually just ask questions in the GD thread. Its very active there.

But to answer your question…

Its because the game has been balanced since launch. So some moves might be quicker/slower since then.

Capcom never bothered to update the trials after rebalancing. So some launch day combos might not work any more.


Thanks! That was my second thought, but my first one wasn’t so positive!

I’ll post in the GD thread from now on.


I got a follow-up question, are character’s actual combo or move properties within the combo trials as they were when the trials/characters was made, or as they are after recent patches?

The way the sentence is written (“Some combos or move properties in the trail version may be different from the current retail version.”), it sounds like the actual move properties would be how they originally were, but there’s a combo or two I’m having a real hard time with the timing, and I’m wondering if the moves were originally cancellable, but have since been nerfed, and now the combo described cannot be performed.


No, everything within the trial MODE is still possible withing that mode. If you can’t do them it has nothing to do with moves being changed as it didn’t affect that specific mode.
What is being said is that the combos that are mentioned within the trial mode possibly cannot be done OUTSIDE of that specific mode.

Like Bisonator mentioned, the trials you do in trial combos may not work outside of that mode because certain moves have since been changed.
Capcom never bothered to update the trial mode to accurately represent what combos are still possible or what properties might have changed.


Thanks @LockM! Just gotta work on my shitty timing then, lol


You can watch a demo of the trial. You can see how the combo needs to be done. Watch closely and pay attention to the timings and if the character walks forward and things like that. Not all of it is completely obvious especially if you are new to fgs or SF.


Thanks again @LockM.

I saw the demo feature, but I’ll need to study the videos a bit more closely than I have been - I just kind of see what it looks like, not so much the timing, or if the character walks forward/back.


You poor soul :frowning: