Some Comedy For Us HDR Folks

Hopefully you find it funny, my lame attempt at being creative and “humorous.” Forum isn’t too active so I figured nobody would mind the extra topic.

ST is babyzone???

This is fucking great, bravo sir.

pretty good man

those videos are godlike man make more :rofl:

Thanks dudes. Gonna try to make another funny vid, don’t know what though. Again, thanks.

EDIT: I realized I have other potentially funny vids. They’re old but yeah.

As a long time st player I still cannot detect the differences in nuances of the game

Then again if it is anything less than a supercab with a japanese motherboard the Purist will rage

It’s funny because I call those folks the Tea Partiers of the FGC.

I had to edit some posts in this thread because they got reported. Let’s keep it classy guys. Funny videos and jokes are cool, but let’s keep things light hearted and try avoid more flame wars. This thread should be about comedy.

…Seriously? I made these videos purely for laughs and yet some people are *still *being spineless? C’mon bros!

I agree, it’s sad. Some people just don’t like it when their illogic is pointed out to them.

I mean, I even make fun of *myself *nonstop in the first vid. Anyone who can’t make fun out of this sucks at life.

The videos are fine. Baby zone jokes are fine. Geo made a comment that I assume was meant in fun but could be taken personally or in bad taste. That might’ve been OK on its own. It was that combined with a link to some external ST forum that sealed the deal. So I edited one and removed the other.

I try not to censor much on here. And FWIW, I don’t take action for every single thing that’s reported. I try to use my best judgement. For a comedy thread, that judgement is let’s keep it light-hearted and jokey :wink:




That’s me trying to be creative. Hope you guys like it!

Exposed that was so stupid & corny as fuck but im laughing my ass off…

<3 hahahaha

Here’s comedy for the ST Players that read this thread and HDR players
who agree’d with the mentality of you can play both the same like Mr. ‘‘Exposed’’ Rcaido there.



Geez that was like my first day at ggpo, if you ask around i actually have improved greatly…Im also playing Cigar Bob who is great ST player…Plus i dont know the Fei matchup…

This is not the ST forum. I’m not really clear how someone losing a match in ST is comedy. But I’ll assume you think it’s funny and I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re not the d-bag I banned who first posted this up in this forum. And, since rcaido took it with a smile, I’ll let it go.

But fair warning, I will not let this thread turn into some ST vs HDR crap. So post carefully. On that note, here’s my contribution to the comedy: