Some cool ryu combo i thought of



i hope it works …

jump hk , d-mk ,hcf-lk+mk(EX) , L-SRK , hcf-lk+mk(EX) , jump hurrican-kick EX

hope it works …judge it man :wink:

or …

jump hp/hk , d-hp , l-SRK ,hcf-lk+mk(EX) , L-SRK , hcf-lk+mk(EX) , jump hurrican-kick EX .

( 2 powerstock is needed )


What are you smoking and where can I get some to sell to my friends? Those combos don’t work. At all.


the 1st one works …i guess

" i’m a noob " don’t be angry , i’ll try asking it on my friend . :sweat: :sweat:


\o/ aooo aooo


being a newbie is one thing, but posting some combos that you’ven’t even tried out and saying ‘i hope these work’ is pretty lame.

and no, not even the first one works.




jumping fierce, fierce upperct

jumping fierce, low mp, fierce uppercut

jumping fierce, fierce, fierce uppercut

jumping fierce, mp, fierce uppercut

jumping fierce, low jab, fierce uppercut

add a superupperct after all of those combos.

i’m a noob too. so bite me


crouching lk, crouching lk


so you mean jump hk , d-lk x2 , ???


No, he meant low shortx2. it’s a combo. 2 hits combo too! better than those low mk, hadoken stuffs that every ryu does.


well that combo of mine really works …but close to the corner and that combo looks classic and wasteful


no, none of those combos work. they are bullshit and only work in your head.


you tell him. ;(

oh, and ex shoryuken is a 2 hit combo on itself. so good!


LOL I didn’t know Ryu was such a combo monster! And 2 shorts links? Wicked! :wink:


That was a good laugh you gave me. Too bad you weren’t joking. :smiley:

j.fierce,, hadouken -> SAI -> SA I, fierce uppercut

Ryu is god! :eek:


look is true …

1 time i witnessed people using ryu , like this

(EX-joudan-geri , L-shoryken )x 3

and in other forums , ryu was also able to

EX-joudan-geri than jump EX-senpu-kyaku .


EX joudan to jump EX tatsumaki is a standard (though meter-wasteful) combo. On the other hand, Ryu absolutely cannot juggle after his shoryuken, regardless of the strength. The only way you can add hits after his DP at all is if you super cancel it. If you actually saw someone do the combo you say, then either A) it was on Dreamcast with the juggling turned to max in System Direction, B) you were high at the time, C) both.


The lies just keep on coming … I repeat my previous question; what is this guy smoking?


okay, here are some combos I thought up. Can anyone tell me how/if they work?

in corner:

jump fierce, s.fierce, ex joudan, fierce dp, call kitana blade fan assist, fan hits, land, launch, air hurricane kick, full roman cancel, EX air hurricane kick, land, jab dp, call Seth Stryker, activate Vism, standard corner V, end with lev 2 shinkuu xx lev 1 hurricane kick super


That combo sooooo works, erco~