Some Evo 2k7 Shout outs

YESssss. Good shit YIPES!!! MARVEL GOD!

so many ec cats are dope as hell.

NELSON - Yo man its all love! we’ll get some more marvel games in next time we meet up homey for sure. West Coast has nothin but love for you (minus the guy you said is BUM JUICE lol)

LAW - You are the roulette king! I will have my notepad out next time we hit up the tables, always bet on black haha.

Xecutioner - great shit just makin it out to vegas regardless of missin out on pools haha. We gotta run some games next year.

Issac “Bowflex” Graham - “BlackBastud” on US west/US east. Send me music links, so much gay shit i can say to u hahaha u fag ahahah. btw what exactly IS your workout plan?

Erik aka SMOOOOTHEST of Vipers - we only played like once in our life and need to get about 1,000 more games in, next year we can do it.

Justin Wong - Yo I think I’m debt free now. No more cup o’ noodles son!

Blaziniflo - Son, give me some better odds next time around and then we can MAYBE drop some serious bets. You took all my money =[.

Mike ‘Infinite’ Wong - Good shit handling the team tournament and putting up with all of the bitching from everyone without smashin their faces in.

Demon Hyo - You are better then me. I am not better then you. I can not beat you. I will never beat you. I will never play you again. I’ll most likely end up making a further thread addressing this issue alone. You are one of THEE BEST!

MadBooFace - haha son, we shall again roulette together, and we’ll just keep playing until the timer runs out. Save our supers for next round! Turtle that shit!

Preppy - Megaman/Megaman/Tron. I would like you to E-Mail (yes, e-mail) me a cd with the new custom marvel. I know you can figure out a way to do it…break the internet Preppy…break the internet. A site that shows you how to email cd’s is

RUIN - I grow to hate you more and more everytime I see you hahaha. Good shit beating me in the team tournament. Good shit taking my money. Good shit doing what you do best and making my life miserable <3 <3 <3.

NISMOR - Gambling God! We didn’t get to play this year but next year fo sho! We don’t mess with the slot machines though, too much $$$ for my blood.

Skisonic - Yo, you without question had the funniest line/moment at evo for me. In the money match room, handing over ur money when the cableguy vs vercette score was 2-0 “DIS NIGGA SUCKS!!! HERE HAVE THE MONEY” I cannot stop laughing about that shit omg.


Don’t need to say shit to you cali cats, yall already know whats up.
However good shit to Chris Schmidt/Patter/Fanatiq. Even though you guys cost me some money in side bets I still got nothin but <3 for u. Bring that same “A” game next year.

I’ll get at more later.

SHOUT OUT TO BILL WELLMAN. The most well-built-man on SRK.

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evo 2007: cakes shout out edition

just got home, fucking tired from not having slept the entire last day at evo. shit was too fucking hype!

shout outs to the following people, not in order, i’m fucking tired so it’s just every name and face i remember:

dark geese (i’m better than you [ive seen your vids])
shodokan (pressing 4 buttons and going with what comes out is elite strategy)
supermin (we never got to play cvs2. what the fuck man. next tournament!)
bchun (nice job passing out during marvel finals buddy :D)
phae (your sister is cool :V cvs2 next tourney. rape at arcana and get that garb!)
eder (surrender! surrender! the cards are coming for you!)
vercette (good shit seeing you out at evo!)
norcal dude who eliminated me in cvs2 (i’m stupid and forgot to get your name. if you read this hit me up. i’m the short fat white kid with the castro hat!)
jwong (cvs2 mm, random age guessin’, cyclops!!! – you’re too crazy. good shit)
bmorechun (“you don’t have money on justin, you have change” :rofl: you’re the shit dude)
seor payaso (you had me going for a second with the arresting thing. man fuck that table!)
triforce (we forgot to play tetris. argh.)
mago (now knows how to say “crunk.” also should have quit at $40 during blackjack. 151 MATCHES ARE DANGEROUS FOR YOU)
smoothviper (deep down inside i knew you’d beat schmidt :smiley: $$ woo $$)
albert (fucking keystone!!!)
keystone (i have to group you together because you’re a fuckin’ unit. you’re all amazing. where’s my shirt? i’m totally visiting norcal once i’m done with school.)
hellsap (bizarro sirlin. i can’t wait to upload that picture. it’s godly.)
kabukimono (i thought you were kind of a dick at first but i think i just misunderstood you, because you’re actually really fucking cool. let’s play some breakers again sometime :D)
kenmastersx aka stone (i need to stop sucking at games. how did i lose to you in kof? this makes no sense.)
true tech (as you can see, my skills at everything, ever, are less than adequate :open_mouth: run my $2 back!)
jeron (good shit seeing you again this year, we gotta play stuff next time though)
the dude playing THE INDIAN (condor) in breaker’s (man i forgot your name too. i’m stupid. your magician’s staff was fucking hilarious. i told you i was coming for you in breaker’s!)
master giby (manliest. person. ever.)
fubarduck (thanks for the drinks! good shit on placing.)
valle (i don’t need a chaperone i’m 22 wtf :sad:)
sirlin (man who the fuck’s responsible for giving you the code to ST)
choi (didn’t talk to you much but from what little i did you were cool, stay solid.)
team cali kof: rasmus, pepe, realkim and guero (good shit in kof. thanks for making me realize i suck at it. now i have a goal to meet when i play!)
hail & kill (who didn’t mind playing some rounds of rape the scrub)
kim (who also didn’t mind playing some rounds of rape the scrub)
ohayo1234 (insert more rape the scrub here)
d44 bas (money match, more like donating money to japan. good shit on the win!)
yipes (you are the winner of this year’s clash of the mvc2 gods. good fucking shit on your win!)
vietkhan (silly roulette system for the fucking win. thanks for the tips!)
jinrai (thank you for reminding me why i hate 3s now :smiley: grats on the kingburger challenge too. you’re fucking insane.)
yosuke (kof96 is a terrible game. why were we playing that? the world may never know)
orochi zoolander (you’re fucking hilarious when you’re drunk. good shit dude, get that stick and rape st next year :D)
evil morrigan (you almost got us in a ton of trouble within the first few minutes of meeting you. gdlk!!! :rofl:)
emil (oh wait i was emil at this tournament)

i know there were more people but my brain is shutting down on me and i’ve been trying to write this post for the past hour. i’m fucking dumb. i added some more names even after writing the previous sentence. too many fucking awesome people to list, and even then i tried. i think i’m going to go pass out now.


who the fuck was that black dude that was always around the marvel top players?

random dude that nobody knew who tried to renege on 2 separate bets wearing a blue shirt on the last day

does anyone know who this guy was?

nelson is my favorite marvel player!

nice to see the ec peeps again, youre all dope! good fucking shit YIPES!!!

ps. im so sorry preppy for tipping your camera over =(

why do i still bet on you? please answer this.

lol some random smash player

I wanna thank this guy for giving me lots of money


I owe Bill $10

Yeah that moment was too fucking hilarious.

Preppy - You got to teach me the palette swap for marvel like which programs are needed n such and maybe teach me the custom music one since I haven’t done one in years haha.

Oh shoutout to Nelson for destroying my hand that one drunk night.

Favorite quotes/moments:


-D Hizzle



Chunk and Crizzle: Great teamin with you guys. Sorry it took so fuckin long to warm up.

Jwong: Show me more gay teams you got.

Brandon: 3 perfects. Too fuckin good.

Nelson: Good chillin with you. Thanks for taking my money. You are my last money match for a long time.

Cableguy: You got crazy this year. Good shit

Nismor: THanks for lettin us chill in your room.

Law: keep reppin that strider. And get off Roulette.

Yipes: way to go champ. Keep up the craziness

Anyone else I forgot, good shit. Have a safe trip back to wherever you’re all from. I’ll see you all next year.

shout outs to the following

nam, jesse, albert,honey james, bean, laugh, dale, chris - good shit staying with you guys. we need to get at those flavor of love girls asap!

random james- good shit meeting you my dude at evo this year. we had to keep that shit mad hype. GOODTIMES.COM SON!

cj - good shit taking my 100 bux. dinner was on me that night.

aaron “japanegro” - you get with that yaris chick or what? MAKE IT HAPPEN CAPN!

east coast - good shit getting hype with all you dukes.

kai - good looks for the ride. you drive way to fast man.

all the dukes that i money matched in 3s - good shit to all u guys. had some fun/hype matches with u cats.

chunk- erik vs steven was just too damn hype. OH MY GYAD.

if i left u out somehwere, ur still in my heart. <8

ok i’m gonna attempt this i don’t remember everything

fatbear - one day i’m gonna get it back ahahaha always fun seeing you
bill - THEY NOT SEEING YOU i hope you and your son sanford williams are good
potter - happy birthday batch win next year
wes - dude you’re too hype and you need to shrink you tall bitch
hunter - i hate your dudley haha
moe - good shit meeting you you’re too funny haha
phae - best pillow ever you know you reset your game cause you was scared ITS A TRAP
walter - i need to come out to the ec this once a year thing isn’t whats good
ruin - i wanna be like you when i grow up haha
nki - sorry i suck and walter is a choke artist
Danny Leong - i said it in irc you’re liked again i have that kind of power i told you
nothingxs - you’re good at giving me 2 dollars
ino - ??? ???
Arlieth - you’re still a traitor but i’m no longer bitter about it
all of nebraska - best group of people i’ve met in a long time i’ll see you in october
pryde - why are you so tiny dude haha
shodokan - we’ll have to play when i’m not drunk i promise i’ll do better lol
mike ross - damn you and your tron infinite
tragic - it only took 2 years but i got to punch you finally
jal - peter doucan polo tell your friends
jesse - have fun with that 5 don’t spend it all in one place
sebastian - i just realized we’ve met each other multiple times but have yet to play haha
tgs- same shit as sebastion damn we suck
watts - i gotta remember to play you next year i need to see you gimme them push ups haha
japan3gro - CAUSE I’M ON
thats all i can think of right now i’ll add on if i think of anyone else or tell me if i missed you

edit: add me bitches

double edit: I FORGOT JINRAI WHAAAAAAAA yo dude was killing it in casual and he made me see some of my very predictable patterns, repping irc in full effect he lost to in 1-2 in casual with a nice close last match you should of seen my dude you don’t want it with #capcom

almost forgot nestor and kofiend who both no longer hate me for some of the stupid shit i use to say back in the day i need to play you both though

see what i can remember from this long weekend.

trag: always good seeing you. too good on the DR finals commentary.

papa watts: always a homie. dont let these shitty ST versions get the best of you. you still the shit!

valle: good shit holding it down in 3s and survivng the 1 game manslaughter of the tourney. spending over 10 minutes in st to get a playable stage vs gian = shitty =(

sicdic: my brother from another mother! next year, we are doing this KI shit! always good kickin it with you.

wizard: i fail in life, not demanding the KI tapes for my Dreamcast =( i forever hate you! why must you torment me?

crackpr0n: fun times holding it down in a3 all weekend, and a little VS. blast from the past!

sparatik: man why are you always so nice with a-blanka? giving my cody nightmares. awesome games!

crowbait: good shit, still rocking OG charlie! i just realized, you, me, crackpr0n, old skool B5 a3 pool. lol i felt dumb too, cuz i didnt realize it was you til late. you look so different with the long hair!

jeron: beastly aulbath as usual. fun matches. still mad i couldnt do heaven spike super. but ill get you next time, its on! oh yeah, i hate you in a3. so frustrating to play against. keep it up

DannyL: the beast with no comp. we practice mad st so we can beast in 3s for next year!

OMNIgga: can you hook me up with the fountain of youth?

Majestros: man it sucks that i never saw you the whole weekend til sunday night! thanks for shoutout on the sickest vid ever made! too ill!

techmonkey: nice to finally meet you. ST HD here we come!

PSX: nice to meet you too. real cool cat! good matches on ST. woulda been better if we were on a better version. hope to see you next year.

KRSjin: nice to meet you finally. gg on 3s. sucks about 1 match =( mad shitty!

Pryde: you are a dope dude, even if you are a patriots fan!

hydra: thanks for the room! always appreciated

japan3gro: ditto with the ride. fun times as usual

fmj: air matress next year ftw!

rochus: my favorite homie. needs to hurry up and finish college so i can have more than just aaron to play.

preppy: dope to finally meet you. your shirt was the best!!! many thanks for everything you do!

hold dat: only saw you briefly, but good to meet you!

NKI: beastly vid. no comparison, you and maj had the best vids of the year!

seth killian: barely talked to you the whole weekend, but you were the first person i saw starting evo weekend, along with derek. your st commentary is awesome!!!

sirlin: thanks for killing me in ST semi’s. i should read your book again to do better =) congrats on top 8!

choi: congrats on top 2 in ST. i still think you are better than tokido!

dipset crew: why you guys always so dope? potter mm over nelson, hot shit!

ruin: you hair is all kinds of crazy now!!! you still my homie for life!

W3s: i swear, you keep getting taller! i promise, january tourney, jad will be there for hype!

rest of vegas crew: too many to name. always a pleasure to see the crew that always supports AZ!

JAHA: we didnt chat much this year =( but always good to see you. i got a t-shirt idea for next year that you might like. just for you!

Rotendo: i want VIDS!!! always a pleasure to see you! you gotta come down with other cali cats when i try to pop off my next big tourney in january!

justin wong: you may not have won mvc2 this year, but its official, you are the new king of fighters. the win over choi was like a batton passed down from the old school, to the new school. lead the way!

mario and jamar from NE: good to see you guys again! mario, when you coming back to AZ for a visit? come to january CnC tourney! bring the crew

amir: man, you and hsien probably put up the most epic battle of the weekend. you may have lost. but you guys were so evenly matched! you are the shit!

shogo: barely saw you but nice to see you again

5star: ditto to you too!

genghis: where the eff was shady this year? wasnt the same without the complete san diego crew

clockwork: so damn close getting top 8! your marvel play is still an inspiration to all and a sight to behold!

true_tech: rocking the nice dipset threads this year! too nice!

walter: barely saw you this year. but good shit nonetheless!

japan: for coming out representing as usual. and the INH booth was awesome!!!

evil morrigan: omg man, i cant believe i didnt recognize you at all! i felt kinda bad about that asking who you were! havent seen you since B5 i think it was! good shit holding it down with NC. im always down with the NC fools!

vintage and dark gaiden: playing stick?!?!?!?!?! it just cant be! you guys are gonna be fucking sick when you master it! good to see you guys, sorry that our conversation got cut short! hope to see you guys more!

combofiend: still the most fun watching you play cvs2! get em next year!

Tom Cannon: i still feel bad about our ST match with the accidental pause that happened on your borrrowed stick, regardless of what you say. that was my empty win of the weekend! thanks once again to you, your brother, wiz, and everyone else for running a fine tournament series!!

last but not least, Victor AKA Dog MOTHERFUCKING Face: you always bring out the best in me. our xsf battle was epic! you are the shit! always a positive influence over the past 11 years i have known you and its never a dull moment. always keeping me smiling. you will always be considered my closest friend. i always got your back bro!!!

sorry if i forgot anyone. ill update if need be!

Me next! Me next!

First off I would like to thank everyone at Evolution because the whole time I was there not a SINGLE person said anything too creepy to me, and people I barely knew were more than nice and friendly. Thank you for making my first major tournament something I will remember.

And now, to my shoutouts.

MIN MASTERS, THE SNORLAX - You are incredibly awesome even if you are a choke artist. When I get my stick we will play so much cvs2 our heads will spin.
Fishjie - Good job on being SO HYPE all weekend and also for fucking remembering what the titling of General Discussion is. Also, the Megaman challenge you did was epic.
Orochi Zoolander - Wakeup fireballs, also watch how much you drink in the future. I hope the ginger ale and everything I got for you helped settle your stomach down.
Evil Morrigan - DUDE you almost got us in so much trouble in the hotel holy shit I just walked the fuck away! You’re awesome, and you definitely are not a girl! Thank you for the compliments.
That Dude, Yipes! - You’re awesome, I will get at you with Pokemon sometime soon when you get back to the LAMECAVE aka Chinatown Fair
Skisonic - You’re also that dude. So hype I heard you from clear across the hall that’s some epic shit right there.
VietKhan - Roulette? Dang. Was nice to meet you in person.
Arlieth - Pink Makoto cries herself to sleep at night. Awesome job on running the Melty Blood side event, and I will definitely give getting into that game a fighting chance I would like to say.
nothingxs - I’ll forgive you for stairs’ing me, but it was really nice to meet another Goon besides myself and Min, even if you are in Empire. Maybe one day I will have the garb I desire.
Mizuki - I could obviously tell you were a boy. But you’re still really cute. I wish I had a delicious flat chest so I could attempt anything. It’s the braces.
Fubarduck - You’re cool as hell dude, if I ever wind up in your neck of the woods or you wind up in mine we gotta do something.
Valle - My bad on the 151. :looney: Also good job on carding nothingxs he looks like an extra in Superbad.
Pryde - Good things come in small packages so you must be fuckin EXCELLENT because dude you are short. It’s all good I think you’re great.
POTTERCHU - I’m sorry I am such a bad pokemon master, next year you will evolve into ROBUSTOID bet it.
Walter - You’re awesome as hell, don’t ever change, I’ll come up to CT to see you soon or you can just hop on down to NYC.

If I missed anyone I am terribly sorry. or or just PM me on SRK :slight_smile:

Yet again, it was wonderful meeting you all and I can’t wait until next year.

bunch of people i wanna shout out: West coast,

first off, shout outs to the fam of fams aka the set of sets, love you dudes.

Justus: good seeing your silly ass

wes: you are that dude, always a pleasureeeeeee, thanks for everything.

“Mega” Mike Boss: im glad you’ve been working out, results are astonishing.

“Impressive” Isaac: love your company and your tats. Can’t wait to kick it again, especially with that petey tat on the neck. “<3”

Preppy: you’re the best. Always a pleasure.

Chris S: thanks for gracing me, and reppin hard. good shit. Dipset x Team 3 all day!!!

Combo Fiend: we doing it big with them 60 dollars!!!

warren: ballllllinnnnnnnn

FFA: good shit reppin cali hard!! illan killing everyone with im!

Ruin: stop wearing fake bapes

Crizzle/Neezy/Chunk: good shit reppin wc.

Papa watts: thanks for betting on me, and just being an all around dope ass guy.

Devil equis: orale whey

jaha: you that dude

Kai sing: thanks for making me almost have a heart attack during our match.

neiman: HYPE X 190234859871290874928148023423 = YOU

cable guy: my son, you made me proud. I cried tears of joy watching your gameplay. Glad you made it out.


Josh W: glad you made it out to evo, see you soon duke.

Yipes: good shit taking first. I’m glad i taught you how to use msp.

Justin WONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG: why you so GODLIKE? hopefully i can go to ny and hang with you. <333

Erika: good shit on 3rd. Thanks for beating my again, bitch. Telll your girl it was nice to meet her; she’s real chill. Stay hype.

Demon hyo: good shit on 5th and coming back from losers to win a million matches. Mad props.

Sanford: OH YOU WANNA TALK SHIT WHEN IM SANDBAGGING, what happened in the team tourney? That’s right.

Law: chillest dude out of ny, hope you come out to cali asap!!!

Money Mike: when are you moving to cali? SOON. Always dope hanging with you.

Hevadlius the Gadliest: good shit champ. Glad you came out to evo ready to bet. you nice.

Matrix: always dope to see you. Glad we got to debate about naruto for like an hour. We’ll run it back next time i see you.

NELSON: glad to have met you and had some time to chill with you. You are chill as fuck. I gotta go to ny now just kick it with you.

kevin: nice to meet you, hope to see you around.

X: sucks you missed tourney, but glad to see you made it out. OG!!!

Fugeeeeeee: good shit keeping marvel the hypest shit out. glad to have had a chance to really chill with you. Thanks for letting us crash in your room. See you soon.

Phae: nice to meet you. Bed N Breakfast!!!

WalteR: good shit puerto rico. You’re dope as hell, even if you rep that boricuaaaaaa. lolz

True Treezy: good ish, you gotta talk more son!

pryde: i love you <3333

DeathScythe: nice meeting you. Keep your puerto rican ass in america so we can eat tacos. Oh yeah, thanks for trying to kiss me.

To everyone i played: good games, sorry if i ran away, but you know how it goes :wink:

Hopefully i’ll see the ec fam at ecc 12.5. pz

  1. Dark Prince: It was nice to meet you in person and to hang out on saturday and sunday. Thank you for giving us a ride-- something that we desperately needed ( which is why we were unable to do much during the entire trip ) and for showing us the strip for the first time… In my honest opinion, you are a very decent / cool guy once someone knows / understands you ( you have always been nice to me online, though ), and it was a pleasure to play with you and your friend in my hotel room – actually, we got in more matches than we did at EVO:rofl: If you ever come to Hawaii, I will take care of you^_^

  2. Genghis: It was nice to see you again…I wish we could have done something other than talk for a few minutes, but thank you for introducing me to your lovely girlfriend…She is such a sweetheart^_^

  3. ClockW0rk: Good stuff in marvel. You are one of my favourite players, and it was nice to see you again.

  4. Illan ( spelling? (: You are a cool guy, and your Iron Man lives up to his reputataion. Thank you for helping us get in some marvle games!!

  5. Preppy: For all of the hard work that you do for the community. I did not really meet you, but I appreciate the fact that you try your hardest to record as many matches as possible in order to please the players.

  6. XECUTIONER!! Thank you for putting your repuation on the line…Not to make excuses, but it was obviously very uncomfortable sitting on the **crowed **floor and trying to play smart when 100s of people were watching:wasted: Thank you for getting us far in the tournament, and I promise that we will be a lot better next year. P.S. You are also one of our all-time favourite players^_^

  7. Justin Wong: You were one of the coolest guys at EVO, and thank you for allowing me to take pictures^_^ My sister and I were cheering for you in all tournaments. Even though you got 2nd, you are still the best in my honest opinion.

  8. Soo Mighty: Even though I have never spoken to you and I highly doubt you would have wanted to speak to me, it was great to see you play in person – beasting with a DC pad:rofl: You are by far, my favourite MSP player and favourite Magneto player ( pretty much tied with RowTron, but you still have the best MSP, IMO )

  9. Hawaii: For beasting in 3S and marvel…GOLDEN-NZ’s stick was too good.

  10. Potter The Otter: Good stuff at EVO; at least you got 7th place^_^

  11. Mike Ross: For having that hairstyle, doing good in marvel and telling me about a buffet that I was unable to visit…

  12. Smooth Viper: For using Cable.

  13. Fuji ( spelling? ): You were also one of the coolest guys there, and good stuff…

  14. Yipes: For winning EVO using MSP.

  15. Andrea: You deserve props for beasting so much in 3S. Your Ken is very good, girl^_^

  16. Mike Chaos: You talk mad trash, but it was so entertaining, and it was nice hanging out with you as well.

  17. Vercett ( spelling? ): Thanks for the rape / elimination in marvel^_^

18: Smooth Viper’s girlfriend for talking trash as well^_^

  1. The Cannons and Mr. Wizard: Thank you for making EVO possible.

  2. Rotendo: You were very helpful and kind. Thank you, man.

I am not trying to make anything a popularity contest, this is somewhat random order.


You talkin about the dude who was about to get the beating of a lifetime from me in front of EVO?

LMAO that dude was betting everybody 20 bucks then backing out after the person he picked lost. Some dude was like “yo i’m bout to take my belt off” lolol.

Good Shit to EC for coming through, nki, cali and vegas. You know whats hood

That’d be me

No worries - I actually knocked over my better camera too and kind of fucked up how the tape door closes. The one you knocked down was a tank and was fine. I’d say you should apologize for beating my ass in pools, but then you beasted in semi-finals, so: nice work!

Even if you broke my camera in half, I would still have forgiven you since you beat ruin- in our bracket when I had had to play the winner fo that match. If I had been peaced out by choboruin at three straight Evo events (I lost to him previously at Evo2k6 and Evo West), I would have had to retire. So you beating him was probably the best match of the tourney to me. :lol:

Omni: My white twin! Man, seriously, I had a fucking blast chilling with you all weekend long! The drinks we got, the drunkness, the memories! If I ever visit So. Cali I will def. hit you up! If you ever come to Boston, kick it with me!

Choi: You sir are the fucking man! Coolest Korean person I know hands down. You are a fucking legend, chilled, laid back, and so much FUN to hang with. I love the drunken times we had, getting the japanese drunks and how they always say “we’ll brb” and they never come back! :rofl: Same deal with you, if I ever come up nor cal, I will hit you up and if you ever come to Boston, hit me up.

NKI: yo, it was REALLY fun chilling with you too! A little quiet, but must’ve been tired, huh? but regardless, drinking, drinking, and more drinking will do that to you. We must do this again!

Skisonic: yo man, I’m sorry to hear that your flight got delayed! I know you would’ve owned up some fools over in MvC2 and CvS2. It was fun seeing you, too bad we couldn’t have chilled together longer! Next time and you know how we do!

Watts: Yo, you look like a fucking Mafia taking all those bets! fucking gangsta right there son! Hold that shit down and thanks for making it all fun during the money matches!

Tragic: sup trag! sorry for not approaching you. I did give you a reason and no doubt you are fucking 1 cool dude! Love your commentating. “oh no, you’re getting owned in Tekken, but if you bought my strategy guide, this wouldn’t have happened” :rofl:

ShinJN: Yo, we viets gotta stick together! Sorry for peer pressuring you! I just wanted what’s best for you man. Don’t forget what to do or else I just might do it! haha j/k

Sabre: You sir are one fucking cool dude. Loved how you owned up Tom in SF2T with out hesitation! Wonder if he’s gonna ban you? haha Next time let’s get drinks!

Fubarduck: It was great meeting you, drinking with you, and chilling with you. You sir are one cool fucking dude. Thanks for the translations, it was pretty funny trying to speak Japanese. I hope I showed them Japanese a good time.

MrWizard: You cow, thanks for letting me help out, wtf is my soup? Haha and you STILL haven’t gone drinking with me yet! Bet everything on BLACK! woohoo!

Albert: Yo, wtf is my Keystone shirt!!! Haha, you sir are one fucking hilarious guy! You cracked me up! But yo, wassup with that? You disappeared sunday night? 2eznf fo sho!!!

Bronson: Nor Cal baby! You sir are also funny, Let’s hang when I’m in Cali! Or are you gonna just wear your PJs the whole time? :rofl:

Nestor: It’s great seeing you again! Though we live in the same state, I never see you! Then again we’re both busy people! If you ever want to hang, you know where to find me!

Dios X: Regardless what you want to believe, you were MAD Homo that night! Rotendo is my WITNESS! Hahaha, great meeting you and thanks for owning me up on MvC2

Rotendo: Yo, you are one fucking cool dude man. Next time we meet, we should drink more often. It was real chilling with you. See you next year!

Preppy: We didn’t get to drink! I guess you were all toooooo busy, it’s all gravy! Thanks alot for the discs, you are indeed the man.

True Tech: Where’s your genei jin shirt? Hater! haha

James Chensor: The dirtiest man in Street Fighter community! It was fun chatting with you when I had the chance! You were too busy running around!!! Damn! ode to 3 hit combo, go go go!!!

DJ Clay Face & Whiff: You guys are great room mates, but don’t be too shy next time. Just go out and meet new people! We’re all here for the same reason and that’s too have fun.

JetPhi: It’s beeen real, next time we gotta get drunk together!

Phae: You are too fucking good! “I like yo name phae” and Phae goes “tee hee hee” giggling like a school girl. That still has me lmao!

FMJ: What ever happened to our match? I thought it was going on the big screens?!?

The Japanese Crew: Mago, Ino, Kindevu, BAS, and who ever was there. I had mad fun drinking with y’all! Y’all getting tipsy and drunk was too funny to watch! Also Mago saying “No Homo” was top tier, lololololz

Ponder & Inkblot: Thank you for hosting this fine fine tournament. You guys did a FANTASTIC job. It was great seeing you again after 6 years. I will be coming again!

To the rest, thanks for coming out to Evo this year. I had a BLAST.

Just in case anywants to see, I have pics right on my facebook, click on link below