Some Evo South America SF4 vids

I got to some vids of this tournament.
I think it’s worth watching, some good stuff inside.





feedback is appreciated. :pleased:
have fun.

wow i just watched the first round of the bottom one in the top 8.

those guys are really in the top 8? there were so many mistakes and missed punishes in that round, tough to believe that is top 8.

anyways gonna watch the rest :slight_smile:

and wow, that balrog in that finals match was terrible… wtf how are these the best players lol?

that guy who played balrog in the finals has a very good zangief, for some reason, he tried to switch to balrog in the finals… when he gets back to zangief, things get really better.


Someone want to fly me out next year so I can win this thing? I’ll bring my pet iguana; he’d probably come out in the top 8 just playing with his tail.

Well these guys are in South America so…they’re only going to play the game at such a high level if they haven’t seen that much high level SFIV play. No one’s really pushing them to do anything other than throws to punish things I guess. KOF is still the big thing down there I guess.

this was the first SFIV tourney with some more people…
around 100 people…
also, no one had even played the game before it was out on consoles.

but off course, this is no excuse, the gameplay around here isn’t impressive yet and surely will be much better next year.

For the “big thing” I think the tournament scene for MvC2 is bigger than KoF here even if KoF still has more players in absolute numbers, KoF is really big also and TvC already have a handful of competent players.
SFIV is developing and soon enough our gameplay will be good.

Yeah I definitely have faith in you guys very strong in the future. You have a strong enough scene to do it.

That reason is called Sagat.

No competent sagat will ever lose to a zangief

Try to be on our shoes…

We don’t have sf4 arcades (well we have now, it’s a PC adapted on an arcade lol), and we can only practice online with ourselves, or else we have a 1-bar connection.

Yes, our level is way lower than US/Japan but we’re doing what we can to get better, the main problem is that we have very limited tools to work with :frowning:

Exactly, plus consoles in brasil are ridiculous in price. How would you like to pay 750 dollars for a premium xbox 360 or 900 dollars for a ps3. If you have nothing productive to say about the vids get out :annoy:

Think it’s great that you guys got SF4 Tourneys going down there. I know how it is with no arcades around, you mostly gotta practice on the net, and with a couple of friends.

US with no Arcade scene (except in Cali and NYC) is behind Japanese level.

South America with barely a CONSOLE scene is behind US.

Be f@cking happy people are playing the damn game and trying to organize. Sheez.

That and UMK3!

looks like they’ve a lot of work to do if the want to improve…

and punish things with a throw?
i’ve seen that on xbl lots of times, but hey it’s xbl hehe

Was the Sagat player on Pad?

Thought I noticed it on a shot in the first vid in Finals.

dude holy crap that balrog was straight ass.

wow…just wow

Seriously though, you guys did great and will only get better with time.

I don’t think people should be too hard on the scenes outside of the hot spots like America, Japan, and certain Euro countries. Like the guys say, they hardly even have a console scene. It’s not easy for the better players to get together since they seem to be few and far between.

I say good luck to you guys and hopefully the scene and skill level improve dramatically at next years Evo South America. And as a pad player myself, I wish I had that kind of skill and execution with a pad that the Sagat player who won it has.

surely our play level will improve…
everyone played SF4 for, at most, 4 months or so before the event…
and everyone we could play was some other guys starting from scratch just like us or some random guys which are in average worse than us and above all that with a lot of lag at PSN or XBL “random” matchmaking.

and yes, Binop, the Sagat player was playing on a dualshock 3.