Some FAN (item) data in preparation for a "How to deal with the FAN" video

Just getting this stuff up as I find it. I went through and ranked all the characters between 1 and 3 on their fan swing animation.

3- Hits very big in front and behind, and as such is nearly impossible to escape without pushing your opponent to the ledge or using a very invincible or fast hitting up+b style attack from behind.

2.- Hits behind, but in a small area, usually up high. Short characters escape very easily, while larger ones can have as hard a time as with a 3.

1- Barely hits behind, if at all. Very easily escaped by almost all characters in all situations.

0- Yeah, only hits in front AND moves the user forward. EXTREMELY easy to escape. Almost a joke.

Of course, the fan user can anticipate your directional inputs and smash directions when escaping from behind them and turn around. This gap in attack, however, is nearly always larger than if they didnt stop to turn, and gives you time for slower startup attacks that allow escape. Also, some characters (perhaps based on weight?) are able to escape out of the TOP of some fan swings. Toon Link, Lucario, Jiggly, and Sonic were noticable able to do this without much effort at all.

I gave .5s to the ones i had questions about, but they either belong in the step above or below where i placed them.

Lv3 Fan Swingers-
Peach, Bowser, Diddy, Wario, Link, Toon, Zamus, Kirby, Olimar, Falco, Falcon, Pikachu, Squirtle, Ness, G&W

Lv2.5 Fan Swingers -
Snake, Sonic

Lv2 Fan Swingers-
Mario, Luigi, MK, Pit, IC, Charizard, Lucario, Jiggly, Lucas

Lv1.5 Fan Swingers-
Rob, Dedede

Lv1 Fan Swingers-
DK, Yoshi, Zelda, Gannon, Marth, Ike

Lv.5 Fan Swingers-
Fox, Wolf, Ivy, Samus

Lv0 Fan Swingers-

I know the distrobution seems uneven, but thats due to the way I ranked it. Lv3 is genuinely dangerous, while level 2 and down is not at all (though 2s can be situationally, based on matchup). So, 17 dangerous swingers vs 22 not so much.

Remember, the fan is still a powerful item, but im trying to give you the information you need to escape and bring its use back to reality.

Next, ill be taking a character with a rank 3 swing and testing to see which characters have a solid way out (Samus up+b from behind). Stay tuned, true believers!

Edit - Made a mistake. Samus is actually a .5, she moves forward with her fan swipe as well.

0 is not between 1 and 3.

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I have a question. it might not be relevant for this thread, but I’d still like to know an answer if one’s out there. what has been decided about items in SSBB in evo? and if it’s still undecided, when should it be decided by?

I really wanted to stay between 1 and 3, but Shiek’s was SO bad that I gave her a Zero. Fox and Wolf’s are worse than the 1s too, but not as terrible as Shiek’s. They actually move forward while swinging, making escape stupid easy.

OMFG - Wrong thread, dude. Way wrong.

well not trying to be a ball buster, but there’s only so much you can say about the fan. knocking out some side stuff would be nice too, but if no one’s gonna answer then I won’t make new posts here


Anyway, I’m hyped for the video. But not really. As a Squirtle specialist, who rocks all over everyone’s face with a fan, I don’t want people to know how to not get caught in Squirtle’s crazy fan slap.

But it’s also good to be able to avoid this myself.

Anyway…I’m looking forward to it.



Good stuff Keits, keeping items play alive :smiley:

Good stuff indeed.

I was messing around with the fan a bit in training mode, and found that Sheik, the character that you have listed as the worst fan user, has a tactic with the fan that consists of ftilting, then turning around ftilting again, turn ftilt, repeat over and over. I’ve only tested it on computers so far in training mode, and all seem to stay trapped inside. Although it takes a bit more work to do than just pressing A over and over, I say its something to look into.

Sounds interesting. My test was only with the overrated nuetral A fan trap. So its definitely something to check out.

Also worthy of note is that when I did these tests for ‘fan swing levels’, i did them in mirror matches. Pikachu has a terribly hard time getting out of pikachu’s fan, while in the video, ivysaur walked out of it with zero issue.

This thing is truly far too situational.

Great video and research, Keits.

The fan is just one of those things that can really turn around a match when used right against the right opponents, but I think the opponent has enough options to deal with a fan user. A good opponent will find a way to get rid of that fan and/or use it to their advantage.

It’s nice to see there’s more options for someone helplessly stuck in a fan barrage too.

Again, to clarify, the fan CAN still be one of the most powerful items. But if you run into your opponent holding one mid level, you have no one to blame but yourself. The depth is found in how situations change when a fan comes into play AND the matchup/stage is set for it to actually be devastating.

Of course. I wasn’t disagreeing with you on that at all. There’s no question that the fan is incredibly powerful, but most people equate it to an I-win button when it’s really not at all.

Oh I know you weren’t disagreeing. I just want to make sure people dont misunderstand me. Im not saying to fan is weak or anything, but it should definitely be allowed in competitive items play until it proves truly degenerative.