Some fighter sprites

Ive been part of a spriting community for a long time , alot of the guys there getting payed now , It’s been a really long time since I sprited , but recently I was inspired by them. So ive been spriting every once in a while.

Here are two fighters I worked on for no particular reason.

Heres my newest.

and heres another one that I did a few weeks ago, It’s a little worse , But I used the same face.

I think this is the over sized one, shitty animation but …

heres a small one I think.

So tell me what you think , any comments or crits and whatever are welcome.

Nice job on both sprites. In my opinion sprites are alot harder to make than people may think, and animating them is even harder. Personally I like the second one better than the first. It would work if you made the parts move slightly more seperatly by using a different number of frames for each part.

Your color choices make it look far too choppy. I recommend more contrasting colors and subtle antialiasing!

Yeah, I alwase hate my color choices.

Heres a new one , he looks pretty bad ass IMHO , but he does look an awful lot like geese. If anyone has any crits or comments they are really appreciated.

PS. the black outline was just for shits and giggles.