Some Gief questions

  1. How can I punish Chun for doing EX spinning kick on wake up if I know for certain that’s what they’d do? I find they really rely on that move on wake up against Gief when they are pressured.

  2. When do you use cr. mp and cr. hp and when do you use cr. mk except for advancing against high tiger shot.

  3. How do you punish Sim that does a lot of air hp?

  4. Anything better to do after stun than focus attack -> suplex or super?

  1. Block EX SBK and sweep to punish. You can also block and step forward SPD but i like sweep better because of positioning and it is easier to do. You can crouch right next to them on wake up and jump at the last second to bait then into throwing it early and heatbutt it on the way down. Once they get accustomed to these punishes you can start grabbing. They will usually opt to back dash or jump away on wake up and you will have to cr. jab OS sweep or just st. RH on their wake up to punish that.

  2. cr. MP is good as an anti air against certain characters that spam vertical jump in an attempt to stuff your lariat and avoid your grabs, such as Honda and Chun. Cr. HP is never that useful and there is always a better move to use in it’s place.

  3. cr. -> PPP

  4. RH RBG is the best punishment other than ultra, because of positioning. There is a few high damaging combos, but they involve an awkward 1 frame link (cr. MP -> cr. lk) that are usually more flashy than efficient.