Some girls arpe easily



sigh once again. While I don’t disagree with him overall(as far as false accusations do happen), touching the r word is political suicide. And he only continued to oaf it up with his clarification attempts


So Paul Ryan, the guy so dumb Fox news called him out on his shit, is dropping this dude? Jesus Christ, you know you hit bottom.


Nigga was just keepin’ it real.


^Community of the Wrongly Accused makes some good counter points as to why men’s rights people shouldn’t fall in lock step with this guy.(Though again I do agree with the overarching point that false accusations do happen)


I… I actually agree with what this guy said


If they repeat it enough it will mean nothing, like the h word.


Why he is right, I have seen it first hand.

Woman was all over this guy and letting everyone play with her tits, she sleeps with him, her BF finds out so she calls rape. Nevermind there are like 10 witnesses to collaborate otherwise.



Wow. Funny, this happened to a friend of mine. He got like expelled and I think Juvie or something. Maybe parents fined. (stupid kids fucking at 15-16)

The chick rode the hallways skipping and smiling like shit didn’t happen.


…on the bright side, I’ll bet he nailed down the pedo and sexual predators votes.



I’ve heard a lot of trash since I started paying attention to politics, but that . . . that was just bad.


I agree 100%, some girls have probably gotten away with accusing their boyfriend of rape because they were mad at them for some petty reason.


The law is always 100% on the side of women when it comes to accusations, false or not


That title doesn’t make anyone nostalgic? As soon as I read it I thought “can they birng it too?”



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Eh it was just a bad choice of words for an eggshell topic. Information these days moves too fast for someone to clarify their statement or attempt any kind of damage control. Bad news always traveled fast but now it’s competing with light speed.


The authorities should really be keeping an eye on him.

Hitting bottoms is often a precursor to rape.


But, he’s right :frowning:

fucking sensationalism.


If I was a father, I would caution a son to be careful when choosing a sexual partner because sex usually comes with emotional baggage and some girls are emotionally immature. However … I would phrase it in a way that wouldn’t forgive them for breaking the law or straying from basic human decency.


Um… exactly what part of what he said was wrong? The only problem with what he said is overly PC people who want to be offended. They’re the political analog of people who throw themselves in front of moving vehicles to collect a check.

The only part of what he said that was wrong was his use of the word rape, as opposed to “claiming rape.” However it’s easy to see his intentions. Hell the only part that was wrong with his “legitimate rape” statement was that he thought that females had some sort of way to not get pregnant if a dude cums inside of them.


“bitches be trippin’!”

yeah, i agree with that…but what point was he trying to make? don’t have premarital sex because you MIGHT get a girl pregnant and she MIGHT be batshit insane and she MIGHT claim rape?