Some great fighters that might have flown under the radar?


Hey ya’ll ,
I’m a hardcore SF player , SF4 to be exact , and from time to time I , like any other, like to play something different… So I went in search of some games that might , not just be a little fun or time pass , but actually competitive and worth investing time into.
So the games that I used to play other than SF used to be older SFs , KOF XIII or older , Blazblue , Last Blade 2 , Guilty Gear and maybe even some Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (OK maybe that doesn’t qualify…:P). But a little while ago I just came across a video , nothing special , but , what really got my attention was that it had alot of fighting games in it , and to my surprise , I found two new fighting games that I had never even heard about which were really cool , and that totally blew my mind , and I wanted to find more… The ones I found were King Of Combat or Xuan Dou Zhi Wang and Shin Koihime Musou, So Shin Koihime Musou may not have been really great (too much fan service , no male characters…) but King of Combat , was just awesome looking , so I’m trying to get into it by getting some BETA keys for myself and some friends…
(I’d be really happy if someone could find me one … :P)
I dragged it out long enough , what I’m asking from you guys is , to mention some games that you think we (hardcore players) might
have missed , games that are good looking , and worth investing time into. So that newer players would play more fighting games
and this might help widen there scope of thought about fighting games …

Oh and by the way , I found another game , and I don’t know its name or its platforms…
Its in the beginning of this video (After the planes :P)

Thanks alot for reading…:slight_smile:


The clip between the planes and title card is JoJo’s All-Star Battle. It was a pretty big deal not that long ago, surprised you didn’t recognize it.

With all the mystery game tournaments and streams and whatnot it’s getting harder to pull out fighting games no one’s heard of, though.


Guess I missed it because its not on PC :frowning: , how recent are we talking here?
Thanks for the info…


It was released last year.

for King of Combat you need to have like a chinese account at the thing with a year of existence.

Its essetially impossible for people outside of china to play this game. I’m just going to wait until it goes open beta. Its not worth the hassle


Sengoku BASARA X was a pretty fun game that came out on ps2 in 2008 that i dont think many people actually payed attention to, especially with all the sf4 hype, and to be honest, i didnt know about it until a couple years ago when i came across some gameplay on gameAcho, and downloaded the anime. that reminds me, i need to get a new ps2, and a stick.

If you are on srk regularly, i think you would know this game, but i could imagine there are a bunch of new people even on this site that dont even know about the great HNK game from 2006. if youre not a hnk fan, or a casual fighting game fan thats not really on forums like this, but you know of hnk, im sure they missed this game. if it wasnt for some of us still obsessed with hnk as a series and talking about how manly the game was, i dont think most new players and posters would know this game ever existed. 2006 youtube had like just started, but your primary source was the japanese site for it when it came to info and shit. anyways, yeah, its talked about a lot, but just in case some still dont know bout dat hokuto no ken, here it is. most of the great footage for it is still on nicovideo. just hours on hours of high level play that i need to soon start to archive by downloading them for my own pleasure. dont wanna wake up one day and all those sexy videos are no longer there.


I made the account , and some people are able to get beta keys somehow , and they do seem to work… I dunno , maybe you’re right.


Sengoku BASARA X , oh yeah , I remember it … :’)
But as for Hokuto no ken, It looks good , I definitely missed it … :frowning:
I’m gonna check it out…
Thanks Jimmy…:slight_smile:


Arcana Heart 3 (yes, seriously). It’s got a bit of everything that makes fighting games awesome.

Nurarihyon No Mago Hyakki Ryouran Taisen. I’d link a vid but gotta work. Imagine ArcSys made a Smash-like game, oh wait, that’s exactly what happened, so much fun and it will make your eyes bleed in the best possible way.


tobal 2 on ps1 only saw a Japanese release but its gotten a english translation quite some years ago. Its a really slept on 3d fighter. I plug this game whenever I get the chance. Its really a solid game through and through.

Character design done by akria toriyama the dbz guy. The fighting engine has easily stood the test of time. Very robust engine even by 2014 standards. Loads of replay value with the 1p dungeon mode which will takes many hours to accomplish and unlock all the characters. Lastly, every character is uniquely deep.

once the engine is understood by 2 players, it makes for some very intense games. Definitely a must play for any fighter fan.


If willing to use rom and emulators I recommenced Breaker revenge. An Neo geo fighte rthat witten off as SF2 turbo clone but actually resemble smore of sfa series with fast past action similar V.S series. It available for play on supercade and ggpo with regular playing every now and than.

You may have heard of this game before but Melty Blood actress again current codes. Game is really damn perfect with gameplay and rooster. Saldy getting copy of the game is so ridiculous that one is pretty much left to using illegal methods.

While harshly criticize for its effect, sprites, and controls. Phantom breaker is actually darn good game if commit to its …different approach.


I’ll update it… someday.


Advanced Variable Geo 2.

Pretty solid game on PS1 that still gets some love in Japan. It does have some silly stuff though. I’ve yet to find an online community of it. Anyone wanna try ePSXe’s netplay?

I wonder why they kept the game speed at Normal instead of Turbo 2. Normal feels so sluggish.


Monster, Big Bang Beat Revolve, Tales of ACS, E’s Laf, Pokemon Type Wild, Chaos Breaker/Dark Awake, there’s a ton of games you can find if you look hard enough.


Dark Awake was pure awesomeness

Basara X should have been released for PSN/Xbox Live since the beginning. It could have been awesome with online and a couple patches (too many infinites and broken stuff) -___-



I don’t know how good the game actually is but this is apparently a legit fighting game


It’s AKI, it has to be good


Can AKI do anything wrong


Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
Never see that shit on stream and it’s an amazingly well crafted game, only 1 fucking year old and I really don’t get why it doesn’t get a bigger player base.

When I see it in American competitions, the attendance is pitiful.

I just realized that Tekken was a Playstation exclusive up until Tekken 6, and the Playstation wasn’t the biggest console on the market last generation and most multiplayer folk played on the 360.
Is that the reason why Tekken is rather unpopular in the west at the moment?

I mean I don’t get it when I was younger and Tekken 3/Tekken Tag was around, I knew nobody in Germany who played Street Fighter, people were all raging about how godlike Tekken is.
Is it a regional thing? Does the game do well in Europe and Asia?
I’m really bummed out about how dead Tekken forums are, how few players you see at EVO and other tournaments and how Aris seems to hold one of the few candles in Tekken content production.


You think Tekken’s situation is bad? Virtua Fighter has it worse.

Heck, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown was released digitally in 2012. When the arcade release has been out since 2010.

VF in general seems to get a ton of respect for its extremely balanced gameplay, but it’s far less popular in America than Tekken or DOA. Due to its focus on substance and depth over flash and gimmicks, it doesn’t attract many casual players.