Some Guile Help

hello. i just signed up to this forums because i hear about it alot. so first id just like to say hi to everyone.

okay now onto my problem.

im more of a noob player, i dont really have any mains or anything, i like to switch around and play around alot, typically ryu and akuma ( of course ) and ive decided i want to choose a main character that will be challenging and fun at the same time. also one that can help me get my skills up with the arcade stick which ive just recently bought.

do you think that guile can help me? he seems pretty solid against most people and supposedly can win fireball fights in SSF4. also with his new ultra i read that its good for pressure and chip damage. also is it true that his flash kick can counter crossups in super? im tired of switching around between characters and just want to be really good with 1 character.

any other suggestions work too. thanks.

Flash Kick can’t even counter normal jump ins, much less against cross ups. Worst AA in the game IMO

I dunno… I played a Juri against DeeJay and his Jack Knife kick got stuffed EVERY time.

Back to the original poster’s issue:
NO. Flash Kick does not stuff cross ups.

I’m going to say that if you didn’t pick up Guile in vanilla, picking him up in Super will be (somewhat) easier. However, that’s not to say it’s going to be a walk in the park. Hearing that he’s going to be better with these tweaks and those buffs doesn’t necessarily make him (or any character) gdlk. It still takes time to learn the attributes of the character and understand what works or not. From your description, it’s almost like you want to jump on the Guile bandwagon… -_-"

There’s no harm in trying out Guile I suppose. Just don’t get frustrated when you start out - it’s going to be a pretty good bet that over half of the people you play online is going to be familiar with vanilla which in turn means they will know (somewhat) what they’re doing.

If you REALLY want to go technical, try Gen… =D

lk and ex flashkicks are for AA’ing, and they do work.

just because they aren’t ST status, “waaah, they don’t work omguhd.”

Even RH.FK, if you just hit it really deep it works fine. Unless I’m not about my game, that’s the only time my FK’s get mad stuffed. Typically, / if they’re coming in at a ~65 degree angle, c.fp for anything higher than that, if they’re -really- bad and they try to jump over you and cross you up, often times walking forward and s.rh knocks their ass into the ground for a solid 130 damage.

Guile has a -lot- of anti-air, but this also makes his anti-air sometimes difficult, as the wrong choice can lead to some hurt on your end.

thanks everyone. i really take all my moves into mind. so ive been trying to play him and hes pretty frustrating at first, like said. but hes also pretty enjoyable to play. i hope hes more reliable in SSF4

he sounds like hes a fairly hard character to master but satisfying when you do. i will definitely try out gen, i have never even played him besides for beating story mode with all characters. thanks for all the info.