Some guy teaching Double Hadouken

I found this tutorial of doing a DOUBLE hadouken with Ryu lol.
But the guy messes it up a few times.


Even Roshihikari is a better troll than you.

what is with this influx of trolls lately!? its like open season on srk…

Yeah man, You’re whack, We want Twin Knife Ibuki Ftw.

it would have been alot easier for him to execute if he used the negative edge technique…

I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t get Rick Rolled.

Fairly obvious that it is him. Roshi made this exact topic a while back.

No, it is definitely not him.

Roshi was funny, this guy is just annoying.

Roshi posted epic shit like the taunt with hugo, Ryu stage remix, and EX SHORYU ACROSS THE MOTHERFUCKIN SCREEN!

What the fuck did this guy post? Soccer and 3s? Getting Pro at yang? Wake up flip grab? BOOOOOOOO!

A good troll doesn’t make himself too obvious right away. Especially since he got banned for his crap the first time around. I’d wager he’d be a lot more cautious this time.

Oh and the only Ryu topics roshi made were…“ryu stage music remix” and “best stage music ~ ryu”

he did make a thread on EX denjin hadouken tho.

Twin Knife Ibuki FTW…

He said you should EX Tatsu when the oponnent is waking up at point blank range…