Some help and critiques please?

I posted some vids in the official thread last time, but only Jida answered (thanks). I’m hoping more people would watch and help out this time. Anyways, my youtube profile is , could you guys please take a look at the vids and give some critiques? Several notes, though:

  1. If you don’t want to hear a douchebag talk, mute the vids, I talk…ALOT
  2. I’m not quite sure who everyone is the best with, although I know my main character (should) be Makoto.
  3. Some of the vids aren’t that great, I realize. So, thanks for being patient and commenting rather than flaming me (although if you do the latter, I’m not sure if I’d blame you either).

Anyways, thanks in advance, if someone does care to give critiques.

from what i saw your Makoto probably gets the most playtime because she got much better in the more recent videos. However I think your Ken looks a lot better and if you practiced a little with him would be your stronger character. With Makoto you seem to rely too much on random priority and her raw power. You play more solid when you used Ken as far as dashing around, poking, not throwing as much random whiffs and blocked attacks, and punishing that sweep with the super was priceless.

I didn’t watch much of your Yun to say on him but as far as Chun/Makoto/Ken I think you’re best is Ken then Makoto then Chun way below. The brief amount I saw of your Yun would probably put him over your Chun

But play whichever you like best. Just realize Makoto can only go so far on being random and you need to finetune your game with her a lot or someone who plays more defensively like myself will probably run through you even though you can probably tear through anyone who tries to rush you down or at least do well against people who play aggressively.

just like me u were playing someone who u know can not win. im a ken player myself and watching the ken vs Ken match u gave away the second round because u knew u were going to win the third anyways “quote me if im wrong”

Actually, I just messed up real bad on that second round.
Thanks for the responses so far, I’ve added a few vids right now. I’ll continue bumping this thread whenever I add alot more new videos to my profile or if there are any significant videos. Hope you guys will continue helping out.

Yeah, I suck.

Just play Yun, you will win a lot more. You need to work on your zoneing when Geneijin is active, your opponant should not be able to do shit but block when you activate, yet you let him do all kinds of crazy shit. Your timing on one of the vids showed his wakeup SRK beating your geneijin short, this is impossilbe just time it better to stuff the srk, Geneijin is soooo bullshit that it will stuff hp, and ex SRKs and trade with supers while allowing you to continue the juggle.

Hey, I updated my channel with some videos from last week’s session.
Here’s the link to the playlist that I compiled of the videos:
Sorry to R_T_S_D for not following your advice, but I guess I just like playing Makoto more, but do keep helping me out. Thanks.

alright. being a mak player myself i can see where you’re coming from. i have a few critiques for your gameplay, please don’t take them the wrong way or as personal or anything. :lovin:

first thing, you don’t utilize her dash as much as you could/should. you jump around like a bunny rabbit when you could be dashing up. if he catches on to that, then you can mix it up with dashing and jumping in.

second thing, you used her jumping forward way too much. good players will parry that shit and punish you hard. i liked how you were using vertical jump tsurugis, but your mixups post tsurugi were lacking. your use of ex tsurugi was good, but you use it too much imo, mix it up more with something else.

third, you need to karakusa more. post hayate, dashing up, after a reset, just… more.

fourth, stop wake up supering. i only saw it a few times, but still. it has its uses, but it’s generally not a good tactic unless you know your opponent will fail to meaty because it’s hard to tell which version of the tosanami you’ll have to use.

fifth, ticks into karakusa are good… but they’re not all you can do. try using some ex oroshi setups, ex: xx ex oroshi, xx ex oroshi and so on. you can also kara karakusa, and regular standing karakusa.

it looks like your execution is pretty good, utilize some hayate cancels for good pressuring and make them second guess what you’re doing. overall, i think you’re not bad, just karakusa more… and by more i don’t mean recklessly.

By the way, feel free to critique the other players as well. I think they browse this topic, too. So they may be reading. By the way, fuck you, Frank.

xsonicc: Thanks, man. I’ll be sure to keep those in mind (I’ve been thinking those already, guess I just have to do it.)

do you mind if i post some matches to be critiqued?

Hmm, I’d rather you make your own thread. It makes it more convenient for both of us when checking the replies to the thread. =DDDDDD

I only saw that match vs Hugo, I thought I was looking at myself, what with all the shallow jumping mk’s. It’s a good tactic in some match-ups, but you were getting predictable with them. Other characters could just crouch under it and trip you into super when you touch down.

I’d say your biggest challenge is to find some new competition. 3S is pretty big in Cali you shouldn’t have much trouble finding some new comp.

Well, I do actually live RELATIVELY close to FFA and some other arcades. However, not having a job and gas prices have really just made me not want to go out and play. Sounds a little n00bish to say I don’t want to drive to play, but I guess I’m just trying to work within my financial restrictions. Thanks for helping out, guys. Sorry this revelation seems a little selfish, but so far, I am pretty grateful for the advice given.

EDIT: btw, relatively close means about an hour or so’s worth of driving.

two quick notes from the ken mirror([media=youtube]lMIyMc3muwg[/media]) at

0:25 : don’t shoryu as a poke, was it an accident?

0:35 :you had meter for super yet you went for a tic throw when the low short hit,keep your eye on your meter and that would of been short short super for you, always try to get maximum damage as possible.

0:25 : that was accidental.

0:35 : I’ll keep that in mind next time. Although I don’t like wasting my meter when I first get it, cause then it kind makes Ken less threatening.

Okay, another set of videos uploaded. Here:
Hmm, this was a couple of weeks ago and before I really noticed the jumping with Makoto, so do try to forgive that. =\ By the way, sfd is just bishnfries. I guess he got tired of bishnfries.