Some help fighting with Abel

Abel is my main.

I have trouble working out against heavy projectile players. I usually roll under and try to close the distance, but some pricks just are constant. Suggestions?

Have trouble moving from defense, against an heavy offensive person, to offense. With them breathing down Abel’s soon to be corpse.

Is Abel the, or at least one of the, slowest character? Because trying to break open into the offense when fighting from block just leaves me mega open. Even though I’ve tried to use LK(for speed) to break the offensive attacks…

Thanks guys, if this has been discussed I’m sorry. Sling me a link if you got it.

Most projectile happy people I meet get backed into a corner not long after the round starts, then they are in trouble.
They just keep moving back and throwing fireballs, I walk up and block, sometimes I’ll use Focus just to get a little more revenge meter.

You can’t mash out of blockstrings with abel. Your defense has to be solid enough to recognize a legit opportunity for you to either tech or backdash to break pressure. EX TT is a very bad idea and mashing crouching short is even worse because that moves starts up in 6 frames, giving everyone more than enough time to counterhit you. When you feel the pressure is a bit too much, just commit to blocking or maybe ex roll out of there. Once you’re free from pressure, its time to start your offense on your own terms. Don’t disrespect your opponents offense so much that you think you can break it so easily with abel.
As for projectiles, absorb them and neutral jump until you have ultra, then you can just U1 at near enough fullscreen so unless they’re stupid, the threat of your ultra shuts down their fireball game and you can approach more easily on the ground.

People who spam projectiles are easy to destroy with any character, absorb the projectile using a focus attack and then FADC and punish.