Some help for a paper

Please give me names of professional organizations related to competitive fighting games so I can hash out a 700-900 word paper?
madcatz(joysticks and such, i’d say that’s pretty important)

Has to be fighting game specific?

I would have chosen a sports organization, but I know someone in class is going to do that better than I can for their paper, so Ill still to something I know. Its not a big deal or a big paper, I just need something to use. Thanks for giving me what I need.

You can try the now-defunct CGS:

I think something like this can work with the right management.

Rofl, I was going to suggest that myself. I used to play CS with a lot of those guys.

You can always just use competitive eSports (Online Gaming is easily found) websites such as GotFrag articles. They are easily the biggest besides MLG when it comes to eSports information.