Some Help here!


I got into the fighting genre a few months ago and decided to get an arcade stick, now I realize it’s not so simple. The only arcade I’ve played is MvC2 and I cannot for the life of me find one like it with good parts. So I figured I’ll get a TE and have someone mod it for all 3 systems maybe even change the cover if I’m feeling confident. Will the change in layout, stick type and buttons be a big hurdle? if so where can I find a stick with good parts the american layout and 8 buttons (forgot to mention it but I find the idea of a 7th and 8th button very convenient).


The right 6 buttons on a TE can be used for american layout. Since you are used to happ, you may not like a sanwa JLF. They are looser and lighter to the touch and come with a square gate. You could mod a JLF by buying a compression spring from home depot, get a GT-Y octagon gate and get a bat top, but it still won’t feel the same as a Happ.

For artwork you can always go to


Thanks, how big a difference are the buttons?
I also hear there’s a difference in the stick, how big a deal is that?