Some Help on DVD Compatibility

Just a quick question here…

I was wondering if NTSC Region ‘0’ DVDs play on Pal Playstation2/Xbox/X360? Specifically, I wondering if any one of the members on this site from UK or Aus can chime in on this. Have any of you guys purchased a Region ‘0’ (region free) NTSC DVD and attempted to play it on your Pal Console? If so, did you need any additional equipment (converter, adapter, etc)?


NTSC and PAL are not compatible, regardless of the region

Even though the systems are different there is more than meets the eye here.
I will confirm some things for the Sony PlayStation 2 system that:

- region free PAL DVD’s will play on NTSC consoles
NTSC J version anyway

- region free NTSC DVD’s will play on PAL consoles

  • They even play copies but not from games (unmodified).

After that it depends on the viewing device.
The majority of PAL televisions do support NTSC signal nowadays.

If you want a specific DVD that bad and you are not able to play it,
you could always convert it on a PC.