Some help with linking


ive been trying this alot lately for my makoto and dudley to become better… but maybe theres a trick? or whatever…

its that im trying to connect makotos SA1 after a hayate… or dudley SA1 after a forward+roundhouse when ur opponent is crouched…

any help? i always make 2 qcf motion with going neutral between em… coz if i dont i make more mistakes then usual i think…
for the ppl who dont understand this: go to training mode, pick makoto get ur bar full for SA1 and do: qcf, short, qcf+p and short has to be in neutral… thats how i link SA1 for example…

is this the best way? and is there a way to link those supers some easy way? how do you guys do it? what is the actual timing? do i need to input the commands AFTER hitting? or WHILE hitting? what is it exactly?


wont that do a kara super?


yea, but it gives an impression of how i do qcf motions…

edit: ahhh i get it, that it isnt linking… well if it hits it gives a +1 in the combo… so i guess it can link aswell? u can also do cr.short that way… whatever


i couldn’t get it either until someone told me what to do, and even then i can only get it once in a while.

with dudley, do f. rh, wait for dudley to recover but your opponent is in hit animation, and quickly do qcf qcf + p. you don’t have too much time to do this. you can’t start the super before the punch finishes.


you need to learn to buffer motions smoothly to meet the ending of animations.

for dudley, do -> roundhouse. the moment the roundhouse executes, roll the joystick from down to forward, then down to forward again. disperse the motion through the entire animation. if your roundhouse hits, then just hit punch. otherwise, you can do whatever else you want. for a better example, choose ken and do his <- forward (axe kick).

same thing applies to makoto. buffer the motion while in the hayate. do down forward punch (for hayate), and roll down forward again while the hayate is finishing.

once you get the timing of your motions to END when the move animation is over, this becomes a really easy procedure in your normal gameplay.


i thought i already posted this…

the way kingraoh taught me to link has worked really well for me. as far as I know its pretty much the standard way to link things.

taking the makoto example…

like exodus said, during the hayate make the motions for the super, but the split second she recovers roll your fingers from lp, to mp to hp all in succession. That way, as far as I know, it will give you “six” button presses instead of just one.

You get all three punches plus thier negative edge, so it gives you a lot more chances to get it off. I have a 80% success ratio on landing the sa1 after the hayate now that i have started doing it this way.


The only problem with the drumming motion is that if your character has a move with the same button as the super but with a dragon punch motion, that might come out instead. It probably won’t happen often, but it’s a danger to watch out for. Another thing that I’ve seen only one person do is do an ex version of a special move (guess he put the button inputs too close). The drum is pretty flawless when it comes to ken and remy, since they have no moves that can get in the way of the super.


heh that method is really good :slight_smile: ye i got a dp with makoto a couple of times… but some training will stop that…

thnx alot again :slight_smile: