Some help with Sakura's shenanagans



Maybe my mind game might not be all to overwhelming yet, but I’d just like to hear what goes on in this situation.

I land an EX tatsu, walk up jab for the reset, dash under cause I want to start another combo with a cr.short, but then I eat a shoryu right as they land (by the way are perfectly timed cr.shorts able to beat out a reversal shoryu?). I can rectify that by just baiting the shoryu and punishing right after, but it just doesn’t have the same amount of venom that a horribly long sakura combo string possesses. Of course I can train an opponent to stop DPing the jab reset/dash under with enough baits/punishments, but it seems so long winded.

I’m sure it’s cause I have a lack of experience, but if anyone can enlighten me on what to do to instill fear into an opponent earlier in a match and just make it easier to subject him to sakura’s shenanagans I’d really appreciate it. Just some moves, ideas, or concepts that you’ve come across to make opponents play sakura’s game and not their own.

Sorry about this post being everywhere, I just reread it and it’s making less sense the more I do. I just hope somebody can read through this and maybe clarify WTF I’m talking about.


stop playing online. :coffee:


None of your attacks will beat a reversal dragon punch because its startup is invincible.

You say that baiting and punishing doesn’t have the same amount of venom as continuing non-stop after the reset, but think about it from their perspective: They just ate a huge combo until the reset, then they threw out their god move which you just blocked and now they’re slowly floating back down to earth where you’re waiting with another huge combo into reset. That’ll crush their spirit even better imo.


Please read this next line carefully:
You cannot use mindgames on people who don’t have – for purpose of pun – a mind.

Shenanigans are never 100%. More like 30% if you figure in 30% for throw, 15% for low front, 15% for low back, 15% for high front and 15% for high back. 10% for error on your part (like not blocking their reversals). So they pretty much have 1/3rd chance to guess right:

Crossup: 30% chance to block, 30% chance to get hit, 30% chance to throw, 10% chance for bullshit.
No Crossup: 30% chance to block, 30% chance to get hit, 30% chance to throw, 10% chance for bullshit.
Throw: 30% chance for throw, 30% chance to dashback, 30% chance to jump, 10% chance for bullshit.

How to deal with SRK spammers:

Definition of Retardation: Performing the same action expecting a different outcome.

If they keep spamming SRK on wakeup, just block and punish hard o.o; “If you can’t take advantage of the sucker play, then you are the sucker” [Play on Rounders “If you can’t spot the sucker in your first 30 minutes at a table, you are the sucker.”]