Some help with some art

I’m nearing finishing my custom stick (finally, if you may recall I was around here asking questions in the Spring time when I started it) and it’s turning out pretty well I think for a first timer like me. I’m not quite done with the priming sanding priming sanding priming wet sanding painting wet sanding painting stage yet, but while I’m in it I thought i’d go ahead and get my art ready since when I finish that the art will be pretty much all I need to be done entirely. That and the wiring, but I’ve got a bit more experience with that so I’m not too worried.

Anyways, I’m looking for the infamous Sammy Vs Capcom art. This one, for those who may not know it for what it is:

So yeah, I guess I’ve already got it. Problem is though, that picture is only an inch and a half by three-quarters of an inch, and I need it something like 11.75x6.75. Sure when I get it printed for reals I can ask wherever I go to size it up for me, but I’d like to set a template on it so I can see what it’ll look like ahead of time. Due to the enormous resolution of the picture, any attempt I’ve made to blow it up manually has largely failed. Does anyone have a larger copy of this picture in their archives? or if any Photoshop savvy fellow might care to blow it up more successfully I’d appreciate that too.


if you have photoshop you can blow it up without all the pixilation it looks like the original, but its the size you need. Thais all you really need but if you want a template you can make it in illustrator. I’ll give you a link to a bootleg version of both these if you pm me.

That art is Brilliant, is there a series of it by chance or just that picture? Were they ever actually considering this game

is a little big larger. looking for a larger one though.

edit: you could also go to the image section and see if anyone can find a larger one.

There was a game the subject of which is that art piece but it never made it very far in development. For whatever dastardly reason it was canceled. :annoy:

Thank you for that bigger one though. I think that is closer enough that I will be able to make it work. Also the edging is a nice touch on it.

You could vector art it… but the looks like one bad ass vector job! It would take a while especially with all that shading…

Also, crappy trick that works. Shove it in the middle and then put borders around it with your name/screen name (just how the pic is that erikstanton posted). That way you don’t get pixilation and it doesn’t look bad.