Some help.



Well i just found out about this new midscreen unblockable

heres the video.


My problem is after the rh knee-drop the tackle won’t come out after the dash.


It’s not new. And I bet the most common problem is that it feels unnatural to commit to a d/f charge during the second tackle. If you charge d/b out of habit before the kneedrop, the third tackle doesn’t come out because there’s some charge overlap going on, resulting in too long a back charge. Can’t overcharge a partition, remember?

You can probably charge straight down for the kneedrop if you find that easier (at least I don’t see why the game would have an issue with that), but it can’t be d/b. If a video with freezes and exact instructions can’t help you, just stick with the regular unblocks.

Starting on the left:

aegis, HK tackle, charge :df:, :ub:(hold)+HK, land on other side and dash left, charge :r:, :l:+HK

Ugh, those icon codes are terrible. It’s “df” for a diagonal, but when you want straight to the right it’s “r” instead of “f.” Someone complain about that please.