Some helpful frame traps for the killer bee



Still in the lab with Cammy but I forgot to mention 2 good frame traps for her. Standing Far MK Standing Far HK is one and the other is Crouch FP Standing Far MK But make sure you have proper spacing or a mashout will catch you.

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I guess we needed a frame trap thread!

First, to clear things up - Frame trap implies you have either some sort of frame advantage and/or you create a situation where the other guy would be pressured to press buttons. Neither far mk or cr.hp work in those situations, due to lots of negative frames on far mk on block, and pushback on both moves.

Frametrap normals for Cammy include far lp, cr.lp, close mp,, and close hp, and technically even EX Cannon Strike as well as any Cannon Strike blocked crouching or below the shoulder. These all give you plus frames and keep you in close where the other player will want you off of them, and try something like backdash, crouch tech, raw throw, DP, or even mash out. It’s up to you to see how they react to being frame trapped and adjust your followups accordingly to punish.


Damn, about damn someone put something up about frame traps thanks.


hey is cr.lp,,cr.hp,and or a frame trap?I just started learning this stuff


replace the traditional crlp, crhp frame trap with crlk, crhp. Obviously condition your opponent to fear the throw before you start frame trapping with crlp and crlk. AE cammy has the ability to create 1,2,3,4 and 5 frame frame traps to beat slow and fast crouch teching. Some useful frame traps against crouch tech mashers include crlp, crmp and crlp, stmp. These create 2 and 1 frame gaps which on counterhit can confirm into crhk for a hard knockdown or further confirms into SA.

I use crlk, crhp with great effect to land CH crhp which = ULTRA!!!


ohh i see i see.gunna be checking those that crlp one was one i just made up myself.I didnt even noe about frame traps until someone msged me"Nice Frame Trap !" LOL


Yup i figured no one else was gonna take the time ta actual learn her again everyone dropped cammy and ran to yun


I hate that crap man. Cammy was main in the vanilla and super but, I switch to Juri didn’t work out and Ken,and Rose. Now, I went back to my roots and I wanna learn Cammy so, I can play in tournaments like Guard Crush or any Tournaments on East Coast.

Yun is just too godlike >.<


Some that i use and actually work for me.
-Cr.jab, Cr.jab walk forward alittle close st.Fierce
-Cr.strong, St. Strong(three frame gap but spaces you from throws)
-Then most of the others are the ones that i saw james chen use like cr.jab,cr.jab walk forward close
-Cl. Stand strong walk forward Cl. Stand Stong.
Those are just some to name a few that work for me.


I hear you i jus got back from g-vegas beatdown and my cammy did ok…i jus didnt have any tricks up my sleeve and its hard as hell to play against the majority of the cast now…i dont know if i should stay with cammy or what, considering picking Dee Jay up


I play Cammy Sakura and Juri. and out of the 3 I like Cammy the most i couldnt see dropping her ever


frame traps are best used when you think your opponent will press a button or mash something out, whens a good time to take a guess? Try frame traps in these situations.

From my own experience: it’s the 3rd round and your opponent just HAS to mash out something so he can comeback and win. Also when you have a nice heft life-lead in the round.

I generally stay away from using frame traps in round 1 of matches. round one for me is usually wait, bait, see and react.


Damn same here I might keep put her in my secondary or mains right here still thinking. I was switching to Chun Li,Ken, or Makoto as my main. But, I feel you on this one man I might not even drop her.


I feel you man I’m doing the same thing


I’ve found to far hk to be a good frame trap, and once people recognize it and try to focus the far hk, you can just wake in for a back throw to begin wake up pressure.


So what do you guys do to goad the opponent into falling for the frame trap? I found it’s easy against Vega because he’ll always try to poke no matter what. Against most other characters it’s usually not so easy.


I generally try go for as many throws as I can in the first round so they will try mash crouch tech, which lets me set up the frame trap game.

Edit: This doesn’t work against people who can think. This is for general ranked matches lol.


what i use to frame trap out of ex strike, meaty strike or crossup lk:

crouch lp then:

  • on block, small pause, then crouch hp, crouch mk anyways because it combos even on counterhit. confirmed into mk arrow knockdown EDIT: i mean on counterhit AND on trade zzz

the thing about cammy and her frame traps. you need to frame trap within 1 normal. because beyond that theres no threat of “throw”/frametrap/EX TKCS since her throw range is garbage. if you add 2 normals then go for a frame trap. you will be already too far. and she cant grab unless she WALKS forward.

on blanka you need to use medium punch because crouch lp, crouch hp whiff on crouching blanka. so you need to go for something like:

crouch lp, small step, close mp. confirm it into crouch mp, mk arrow.

EDIT: and on hit im gonna link crouch lp into crouch hp anyway into full combo. so yeah. also its important to recognize that ex strike followup SHOULD be some major combo damage. if it doesnt hit and they block. then mix up time throw/EX TKCS/Frametrap… :sunglasses:


Cammy Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

Hey have you got a youtube channel with ranked matches? I really wanna see how you play I think it could really help me and other cammy players


ive seen some of Ds videos before but I think they are all Super Cammy