Some HRAP EX-SE Problems and Questions

May I see pictures of your work?

I’ll take some tomorrow. It’s nothing much, just a replaced stick, but it was a bitch. Next up is my sanwa -> seimitsu on the arcana heart 2 stick.

question. What is stopping me from just making quick disconnects and getting the nibbler to remove the pegs and just putting in different buttons without desoldering?

You cannot without desoldering.
The Buttons are stuck onto PCB.

I guess I’ll find out when the ls-56 comes in.

meh pictures.

Good stuff.
You could have bent the Terminals of Microswitch to avoid cutting into HRAP Case.

Eeegh… I’m a little too much of a brute to want to try that. I’d probably break it.

What method did you use to crimp your quick disconnects? I’m contemplating on buying a tool for it because it was a pain in the ass trying to get my quick disconnects on the first time. I recently needed to remove them and ended up having to cut the wires to get them off the micro switches without ripping the wires.

I’m going to buy those fully insulated QDs, they seem way better then the half insulated ones I bought from Lizard Lick. I see numerous packs of 100 for sale on ebay for like 10-13 bucks with free shipping ect.

I saw some crimping tools on ebay too but if I can pick up the tool like at a local Radio Shack or Home Depot then I’m all over it.

I mounted the QD on the crimping tool part and held it, took the stripped wire, slid it in a bit and crimped hard at the beginning of the QD, Middle, and the End before it branches into the actual quick disconnect part.