Some ideas and questions on my mind lately

I’ve had alot of things on my mind lately and funny as it sounds I actully couldn’t sleep for the past 2 hours thinking about this shit. So I decided to post it here.

Urien questions:

We all know how a mid screen unblockable works, but lets say that you don’t think you gave yourself enough charge for the shoulder after you canceled into AR for whatever reason. My questions are and I probably should directly ask emphy about what to do in this situation, but I’ll ask here so maybe we all get an answer.

I know everyone bounces off the reflector differently and recover at different times, so it really varies on what to do if you BARELY miss the shoulder. In theory, would you still have an unblockable setup if you did lets say a fp or mp headbutt over someone who gets up slowly enough and has mininal bounce away from the AR? or lets say they quickstand and its one of the slowest, could you still get over with the headbutt and the QS would make them roll over to the AR? Would you guys say that this is a possible setup or would you rather do something else like fake the whole setup and go for a c.rh to bounce them for some sort of juggle probably consisting of some fireballs and a shoulder to finish it?

Next, lets say urien got an typical throw, AR, and the Headbutt over, and so you start exchanging hits bouncing him back and forth. Would you say that it would be possible and/or practical to count the hits and push foward just enough so you’re in lets say ideal pummel throw distance. Correct me if I’m wrong, but thats going to reset the damage and the last hit on the AR is going to count as the first hit for the upcoming air juggle, correct? or would you say its a better idea to just get the c.fierce to secure your damage?

Next, lets say Urien got a midscreen unblockable setup extremly close to the corner, and leaves little gap where Urien doesn’t have to dash. I know some of you are thinking. Well, shit if you’re that close to the corner why didn’t you continue shouldering him? I know, but lets just say you didn’t think you were that close or the screen didn’t scroll over for you to react to it, okay?
So, lets say this is in the right corner. On wakeup, Ken decides to parry, parry, DP. So the reflector pushes him, he DPs again, and you DP again, yay, but it didn’t kill him. So Urien gets up and Ken can’t get out of there, and really the smartest and the only thing he should do is duck and throw or parry and throw back to get out of there, but lets say Urien or Ken teched the throw and either way actully makes a big difference I think. But lets say that Urien teched the throw and so Ken flys back. I still don’t think thats far enough (Would someone care to test this? I don’t have anyone to test this with), so Ken would either have to parry left or block down right or would the reflector be gone by then? or lets change the situation a bit. What if Ken got 1 shoryu, or 2? Or what would you guys suggest Ken should do aside from my suggestion?
Would someone really like to test this? I think its relevant or useful for everyone to know. but remember to test this out a couple times and every AR placement and spacing counts alot, btw, so please keep that in consideration. A video post of this would be helpful too. I would do this myself, but again, I don’t have anyone to help me.

Next, Its really just a clarification question. Urien’s corner setup of Uoh, 2P AR. Correct me if I’m wrong but the ex headbutt in that combo is partitioned, right? At what points if it is? I really don’t see why this setup works, but it does I guess against alot of people because they are instinctivly blocking downback even tho nothing is happening. nonetheless, I’m sure we all seen RX do this setup because his execution is damn near flawless. Is he a robot or is he really just God or the antichrist or something? lol. Anyway, I’ve seen emphy attempt this setup casually. Shit, I mean, here in the states I don’t think this setup is practical yet. Crazy that RX does this in tournement. I’m basing that its not practical here because I haven’t seen emphy do it, and he is the best Urien in the states in my opinion.

Again, I probably shoulder direct this entire section to emphy.


I was wondering about what you guys think his ideal genei jin starters and finishers are?
I usually like doing cold starts since I have a hard time with warm starts. Thats why I’m asking this.

What kind of spacing difference do you get between lp, lk, mp xx gj and lp,lp,lk,mp xx gj? Specifically, I never really noticed it or wondered if this is actully a desired hit, but lets say you follow thru with 123 gj, mp,fp,shoulder, etc. Do you guys think that its good or bad that the fp comes out like close fp? and is it just me or does the close fp have less stun time then the far one? does 123 gj get you the close fp? does 1234 gj get you the far fp? what do you prefer? someone know what the damage outcome will be like? what about 123 or 1234, shoulder xx gj?

when you xx gj, mp, fp…do you guys use mp shoulder or fp shoulder?

next, is there anybody else that gets knocked up by command throw, besides chun?

Maybe I should have directed this to Mike, but oh well, I think its useful out here. Maybe we’ll get all these answers stickied to the character if it hasn’t been answered there. I probably shoulder have checked there first for my questions, but theres too much and alot of what people write on those beats around the bush alot. I probably have more questions tho, but I’m going to try to go to sleep.

see ya.

If the opponent hits the Aegis at all, they cannot quick roll to get up. It’s impossible. If you can still headbutt over them, it really then depends on who it is. Most of the time, if they bounce too far away, you won’t even be able to headbutt over them which is a pain. Otherwise learning the 2 setups (3 if you know they can parry->throw out of the setup, so you just throw them when they parry…), the push into the Aegis or bouncing them between the Aegis and weak attacks. I’ve never tried or seen anybody do c.RH after headbutting over, but I don’t see it working too well. It probably could, but doesn’t seem to give you much options unless you really mess around with what you can do on successful hit.

Don’t understand what you’re trying to do here. If you Aegis->Headbutt over someone that doesn’t quick roll on throw, why wouldn’t you setup and continue the combo with a c.HP? Your damage shouldn’t scale much at all, Aegis is there to secure damage and doesn’t really scale down any of your damage really. At least not extreme enough to warrant a different option.

Big jumbled mess and could have been clearer. I’d say something, but you’re asking like a ton of things and nothing is really clear since it contradicts here and there and basically it’s just reads like a big mind fart.

The combo is practical if you can get it. The issue becomes it’s really situational. Like seriously, when was the last time you got a meaty UOH on somebody in the corner on wake-up?

Both give you the same spacing afterward. It’s just how close you have to be to reach them to do 4 hits as opposed to the 3 hit chain.


you can command grab, launch makoto, and i think Q.

u can do it on chun, makoto and q normally. but in genei-jin you can walk up, launcher on dudley after command grab.

and twelve

In reguards to your 2nd Urien question:

  1. If the tackle misses but the opponent gets hit by the Aegis he or she gets knocked back too far. If the Aegis and tackle both miss (resulting in a 3 hit combo), your oppenent can QS. If they don’t, you can headbutt over them. But, I don’t think there’s enough time to bounce them back and forth and then launch them w a neutral throw.

  2. You’re correct in that it would reset the damage and count as a launcher. However, depending on the character and positioning the reflector could hit once, twice, the opposite direction, or miss completely.

  3. When you combo off of a neutral throw the damage is significantly reduced. For example, if you did neutral throw on Ken followed by mp sphere, mk tackle, mk tackle, mk tackle it would only do 45 dmg! This is about the same as f+mk, c.hp, mk tackle. So, if you can get in a c.hp, I would go for that. It’s more reliable and easier to execute.

  4. The damage after a forward + throw is not bad at all. If done correctly the Aegis hits twice, allowing you to juggle for 4 more hits. But, Urien recovers from the throw so late that it’s difficult to get in more than 1 tackle without using an ex tackle. Even worse, you have to keep track of the movement and position of the reflector when you throw. Sometimes it will launch the way you want it to, but often it will launch the opponent in the wrong direction or w only 1 hit from the Aegis. The latter causes the opponent to barely get off the ground and makes it difficult (impossible?) to perform a juggle.

  5. Here’s a failed unblockable scenario where throwing may be useful:
    -Against shotos.
    -Around midscreen/ not too close to the corner.
    You do headbutt, mp Aegis, dash, partitioned mp headbutt for an unblockable. If your opponent escapes by quick standing, you can try f + throw followed by ex tackle, hk tackle, mk tackle.
    -On Ken the throw plus tackles do a total of 75 dmg! Thats not bad at all considering your unblockable attempt just failed. For the marginal cost of one ex move you get to inflict a pretty good amount of damage. But, in my opinon it is not easy to throw your opponent into an Aegis Reflector. You have to hope to get lucky. Hope that helps.