"Some Like It Red Hot!" Viewtiful Joe UAS Basics Thread



Disclaimer: The OP for this thread WILL use numeric notation. If you don’t know how to read it, please refer to this thread.

Buffs and Nerfs

[+] = positive change (buff)
[-] = negative change (nerf)[*] = unimportant change (no effect on gameplay
[?] = unknown change (unsure if this is a positive or a negative change)


  • Six cannon super has slightly less startup time.
  • Voomerangs have more startup time. Therefore no more infinite
  • Slide infinite is gone too.
  • Can only do 1 red hot kick in the air now
  • Mach Speed now has the same properties as Chun Li’s lightning legs super. Joe can follow the opponent up after the launch and continue to combo.
  • Bombs have a fire effect added to the hit
  • Air Joe now drags the opponent down, meaning more hits
  • Charged Voomerangs home in more sharply

The biggest changes here besides the infinites which I didn’t expect them to keep anyway, is him being able to do one re hot kick in the air. It takes away a bit of damage from his B&B combos as well as his keep away tactics. As a trade off he can now combo from his “Mach Speed” super and his Air Joe deals more damage.

Special Moves and Supers

[*] = Do able in the air as well as the ground
[^] = Can only be done in the air

  • Voomerang :qcf:+:p:
    A projectile Joe sends out different properties for each button
    :snka: - Goes Straight across the screen (If charged it travels across then comes back)
    :snkb: - Goes up (if charged it goes up then comes around homing in on the opponent)
    :snkc: - Goes behind Joe (If charged it goes behind Joe then comes back it seemingly homes in on the opponent)

Shocking Pink :qcb:+:k:
A bomb that Joe kicks out then explodes seconds later. Different button presses gives you different strength but in turn they blow up slower. When you hit the bombs they start to bounce as well. I haven’t found a way to incorporate this into Joe’s metagame, the seem a bit too impractical to consistently expect damage out of them. They seem good for controlling space however similar to Ai-chan’s electric blasts (Heavy one that bounces up and down.)

^ Red Hot Kick :qcb:+:k:
A diving kick pretty much the standard combo finisher with knockdown. Attack in the air.
:snka: - Sends him straight down, if you played the Viewtiful Joe games it resembles another attack he has
:snkb: - Sends him diagonally
:snkc: -Send him horizontally
Its a solid move for ending certain combos and keeping away from the opponent.

^ Air Joe - Mash :p:
Like Chunlis lightning legs but only done in the air

Mach Speed - :dp:+:2p:
Joe charges at his opponent in blazing speed unleashing a barrage of punches then finally sends them into the air. This super is pretty cool, Joe can combo into then pursue his opponent in the air and combo afterward.

Six Machine Canon - :qcf:+:2p:
One of the six transformations of Joe’s six machine. This one is a large canon that unleashes huge blast. This move has Looong start up time meaning it wont be very practical with out some help. That help being an assist that would make them stay air born long enough for it to land (Rock Vollnut and Pollimars would do the trick.) You can also use to punish dumb asses who spam full screen beam specials by jumping into the air and doing it.

Slow and Zoom - :qcb:+:2p:
Joe slowdowns time allowing making his opponent miss an attack then sends them into the air with an uppercut then uses Viewtiful Forever on them. Continuing the trend of special moves that take 3 meters away when done, this one is very damaging and can also be combo’ed into. Very useful if you wanna spend 3 bars and the super itself is quite a bit of fan service to people who like the franchise.

Let it be known that any combo that can be ended with a red hot kick can be ended with Air Joe instead. You’ll deal more damage at the expense of a knockdown.

Standard (meaning no assist, baroques, and no meter)
:snka:,:snkb:,:d:+:snkb:,:snkc:,:df:+:snkc:,JUMP, :snkb:,:snkb:,JUMP,:snkb:,:snkb:,:qcb:+:snkc:
Pretty standard does about 12,500 damage. I don’t think the A version of the red hot kick will combo so use B or C instead. I edited the combo I had prior connecting the standing C in the combo will give you more damage.

Credit to Varleran Midscreen version with numbers:
15 hits, at minimum 14.238 damage: :snka:, :snkb:, :d:+:snkb:, :snkc:, :d:+:snkc:, baroque, :df:+:snkc:, sjc, :snkb:, :snkb:, :snkc:(2 hits), double jump, :snkb:, :snkb:, :snkc:(2 hits), Red Hot Kick

Credit to Varleran In corner, 20 hits, at minimum 16.135 damage: :snka:, :snkb:, :d:+:snkb:, :snkc:, :d:+:snkc:, baroque, :snka:, :snkb:, :snkc:, :df:+:snkc:, sjc, :snka:, :snka:, :snkb:, :snkb:, :snkc:(2 hits), double jump, :snkb:, :snkb:, :snkc:(2 hits), Red Hot Kick

Combos into supers
Mach Speed
5A, 5B, 5C, 236A, Mach Speed, JUMP, J.BB, J.C (2hits), Red hot Kick
Edited version. Damage is about 14,500 I think.

Slow and Zoom
:snka:,:snkb:,:snkc:,:d:+:snkc:,:qcf:+:snka:, :qcb:+:2p:
Edited version does more damage than before and Joe can combo after it into what I haven’t experimented with yet other than the following…

Slow and Zoom 2 (Credit to Varleran)

-more coming soon-

Joe is a well rounded character. He’s not exceptionally at one thing but he does a lot of things well. He has great projectiles and the red hot kicks which allow him to play keep away and zone. The very unique bombs while not being immediately practical, allow him to control space. You have to get pretty creative to find some other uses for it. On the offensive he has the jump C which is pretty solid, I believe it hits overhead and its one of those ambiguous cross ups. Meaty Jump Cs is where his Okizeme shines at but he doesn’t have a lot of options other than that. Fully charged Voomerangs is also decent for Oki, its possible to trap your opponent in block stun with it. Think of it like Kohaku’s cactus from melty blood. He’s capable of solid damage with out any tricky set ups as well. All in all he hasn’t changed a great deal from CGoH (infinites aside) and he’s a extremely versatile character who potential hasn’t been tap into as of yet.

***Miscellaneous ***
Quite a bit of fan service.

-His alt costumes are are Blue, Yellow, and Red and Black. The blue uniform resembles captain blues, Joe’s idol. The yellow uniform is from an in game joke where Joe faces off with another Joe, one of the bosses, and says whoever loses wears a Yellow suit. I also believe that the yellow suit is a reference to power rangers. In the Japanese version there is 4 guys and 1 girl and one of the guys is wearing the yellow suit. In America there’s 3 guys and 2 girls and the girl wears the yellow suit. This is most likely a reference to that saying “loser wears the girly suit.” The red and black suit resembles Another Joe’s uniform.

  • Sexy Silvia, Joe’s leading lady, is piloting the six machine while Joe uses the Six Machine Canon.

-The poses he strikes with Viewtiful forever are all taken from the game.

  • When he does his throw he screams “Yamarashi” which is his throw move in Viewtiful Joe 2.

-will be continuously updated-


I’ve had a lot of trouble landing Mach Speed after :d:+:snkc:, I’m not sure it’s doable. I always seem to go under them.

The most damaging combo into Mach Speed I’ve been able to find is :snka:,:snkb:,:snkc:,:qcf:+:snka:, :qcf:+:2p:

You can also continue the combo after Slow & Zoom In (the ingame name for his level 3), although timing is really tight. The most reliable thing I’ve found is a Red Hot Kick, but I’d like to see something really creative.

EDIT: Found something, ooohhhh boy did I find something. :qcf:+:2p: AS SOON AS THE GLASS BREAKS, and you’ll hit them.

Have fun. :smiley:

Yeah soooo 4 meters, 10 hits, 29.528 Damage: :snka:,:snkb:,:snkc:,:d:+:snkc:,:qcf:+:snka:,:qcb:+:2p:,:qcf:+:2p:

I’ll get a video up tonight if I can.


That’s fucking sick bro! I’ll update the OP. I haven’t been able to play today cause I’m at school right now but can he still V Slide (that is 2C) still combos into air Joe with a Baroque and then can I relaunch them from there?


He can combo from Slow and Zoom? That’s new. Adding that to the changelist.


Aww, I was hoping to keep that under wraps for a little. Yes, he can combo after slow and zoom. If you do your launcher at the right time, you can follow it with an aerial rave, but Joe’s cannon works too. Remember how I said I figured out why they went with that exact timing for the cannon? Thats why.

Still working with a bunch of new tricks though. The new heavy physics open up some new possibilities for Joe combos.


Keep us posted! With a forum this small we can’t afford to be keeping secrets. The more we’re sharing the more these characters will be able to grow.

EDIT: If you hit them into the corner with the blast, you can Air Joe after they wallbounce from the Six Cannon. Anywhere else, a heavy Red Hot Kick will work. Timings are really dependent on spacing though.
:bgrin: I fucking love this character.


Just tried the Baroque combo from slide; it’s still legit. What I tried was 5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, BAROQUE, Jump, AIR JOE. I tried to do the relaunch once you land but it doesn’t seem to combo. Hmm. Maybe you can go for a grab once the Air Joe is done…

EDIT: You CAN attempt a reset OR grab but the extra combo isn’t guaranteed. Still another tool in Joe’s offensive arsenal.


You can also immediately ground chain, I’m looking into the potentials there right now.

In the corner you can baroque after the sweep into the ground chain into a launch combo for big damage.


I finished someone with the Slow to Six Cannon the other day :smiley: I would like to join the brotherhood of Joe. I’ll be continuously following this thread, thanks OP and contributors


I thought of something interesting involving Joe’s Bomb.

The light version doesn’t take very long to explode. And being a special move and all, it gives joe chip damage if it’s blocked. You can pretty safely use the light bomb to give yourself a sliver of red life, which upon demand is VERY useful for prolonging his air raves, since baroque can give you your second jump back. This can also be used to do double ground voomerangs, double redhot kicks for mobility, and even double bomb to keep the mayhem going. Wouldn’t it be funny to have 3 C-bombs on stage almost all the time, forcing your opponent to be extra careful while approaching?


Sorry if this has been said before, however i found a interesting new combo with joe.

After you do the slow and zoom in special (3 bar) do the cannon super RIGHT when you come out of it and it should combo


Yeah it’s been said before and it’s on the OP thanks anyway.

Here’s some interesting things I learned today

Remember when I said it’s a good for his Oki? Well, it is. After the aerial rave :snka:, :snkb:, :d:+:snkb:, :snkc:, :df:+:snkc:, JUMP, :snkb:, :snkb:, JUMP, :snkb:, :snkb:, :qcb:+:snkc:; Joe is free to charge a Voomerang. The Joe’s rush down greatly benefits from this, with the voomerang bullying the opponent you’re free to air dash in with Jump :snkc: (which is an OVERHEAD) and start a combo or continue pressure at the very least. It’s sick I know. Which one you do are entirely up to spacing. The :snka: one travels full screen then come back around so I would use this midscreen. The :snkb: one goes straight down it’s best when you got them pinned in the corner. The :snkc: one is a bit tricky to implement but it’s a great mind game cause it travels behind Joe. I have to make vids showing it.

Shocking Pinks
By holding the button, Joe can hold the bomb and keep them bouncing on his foot. The timer for detonation doesn’t start until the bomb touch the ground and I haven’t tried to see what happens when the opponent hits you while you’re doing this. It also give the bombs more of a vertical bounce on discharge. As frustrated squirrel pointed out:

Also, he can Variable Counter from blocking his own bombs. Joe is nasty man.

Slow and Zoom.
You can do a couple of things when it’s done. One is the Canon super. You can also go close to the ground, start an Air Joe, then attempt a reset. Lastly you can relaunch for an Aerial Rave.


I’m still trying to find a good partner for joe. I usually use the team karas/Joe, while karas assist does work with joe good, joe’s assist does not work for karas…


All baroques done at 10% red life

Midscreen version with numbers:
15 hits, 14.238 damage: :snka:, :snkb:, :d:+:snkb:, :snkc:, :d:+:snkc:, baroque, :df:+:snkc:, sjc, :snkb:, :snkb:, :snkc:(2 hits), double jump, :snkb:, :snkb:, :snkc:(2 hits), Red Hot Kick

In corner, 20 hits, 16.135 damage: :snka:, :snkb:, :d:+:snkb:, :snkc:, :d:+:snkc:, baroque, :snka:, :snkb:, :snkc:, :df:+:snkc:, sjc, :snka:, :snka:, :snkb:, :snkb:, :snkc:(2 hits), double jump, :snkb:, :snkb:, :snkc:(2 hits), Red Hot Kick

You can end the corner variation with Air Joe instead for more damage, but sacrificing the knockdown. Resets can be good for Joe anyways though, because if you don’t give them any room to breathe, Joe can end people without burning a single meter. He’s hella fast.

I’d also just like to take a moment to talk about Instant Air Dash :snkc:. This is a FANTASTIC combo starter, and a great tool for your rushdown. Because of the multiple hits, it’s insanely easy to confirm into a ground chain, setting up all his great combos. Learn this trick, it’s something that’s well worth knowing.


Extra combo IS guaranteed. BBQ after slide into either A, B, Airjoe, 3C or B, B, Airjoe, 3C. I forget which off the top of my head. Been doing that since the first time I went into practice mode with Joe ^_~

By the way, fuck Joe online. He’s stupidly hard to play in lag.

EDIT: Airdash C is indeed amazing. My Joe BnBs do ~16-18k without baroque or specials. With a baroque I can hit something like 21-22k off 10%. With an assist but no baroque, I do about 21-22k off a normal BnB.

Honestly, why would ANYBODY end an air combo with RHC? That is the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Airjoe is Joe’s best special by far, and needs to be abused wherever and whenever possible. RHC does silly bad damage in comparison to airjoe.


I already posted why. Red hot kick means knock down, knock down means oki read fully charged voomerangs, fully charged voomerang means better offense, offense mean more damage :bgrin: It’s completely up to you I simply find it better to do what I just posted.

I swear to God I can’t get a combo after Vslide, Baroque, Air Joe. Maybe I’m doing it wrong but if I set the dummy to block, they will block after the air joe.

Oh and do please contribute. It’s annoying when you say “My combo does X amount of damage, it’s so rad!” but you leave us in the dark. If you got any awesome things to share do so.


Sorry about that, I’m kinda tired right now.

Truth is the reason I don’t contribute a whole lot is because I don’t memorize my combos, I do it by muscle memory. Plus, I made a shitton of combos. Suffice to say that the airjoe -> launcher combo doesn’t need to be done off a baroque. I can Airjoe -> launcher combo people from nearly every assist in the game (seriously, I’ve tried almost all of them) which is how my BnBs do so much damage.


Ok so a vslide–>polimar assist–>Air Joe–>launch is legit?


Haven’t tried it with Polimar, but I’m 90% sure that with the correct spacing and timing you can do it. You need to be airjoe’ing them from below, so use whatever combination of 2 attacks will do that (jab-jab-airjoe will keep them at the same level, jab-medium airjoe will put them up a little, medium-medium airjoe will put them up more; different attacks/assists will require a different combination and timing). Note I say 2 attacks because that is what it requires to start airjoe. Sometimes you have to link to 5B after the airjoe before you 3C, but I forget the exact times when you need to do that over just doing 3C.

This is why playing Joe on wifi is a bitch. If I didn’t find out that the cannon combos from slow and zoom, I’d be nearly worthless in laggy games.


Figured it out just for you. Combo into Polimar’s assist from 2C, wait until Polimar’s assist knocks them upwards (took me a few tries to realize that), then do jab-medium-airjoe-launcher and it will combo. Enjoy.