Some more newbie questions


So, I’m new to SSF4, been playing it about a month. It’s hella fun even though I usually lose. :clown:

I’m getting slightly better…I finally achieved 3000 BP. :lovin:

I know that 3000 BP sounds laughable to you guys, but just 3 weeks or so ago I didn’t think I’d ever be able to throw a tiger shot with the stick so to me it’s an accomplishment. :tup:

I have some questions, about getting better, if you don’t mind me taking up your time. Sorry for the list of numbered questions.

(1) The only character I can play as right now is Sagat. Is this bad…do I need to learn how to use other characters? Or can I wait until later to use other characters?

(2) I can’t even come close to doing a FADC at this point. I use Sagat’s Ultra II because I can’t do the Tiger Uppercut --> FADC --> Ultra I combo. I have enough trouble as a noob doing the Ultra II on my stick lol. How critical is it that I learn FADC? Do I need to work on it ASAP, or can it wait until I get a little bit more experience?

(3) Is the fact that after 3-4 weeks of practice that I still go into training mode to learn my stick an embarrassment? I’ve had this game and stick for almost a month now, and I still use training mode sometimes. Do I just suck at the stick, or is practicing execution just an ongoing thing?

Thanks in advance for any answers, guys. :lovin:

Any noobs who wanna practice on PSN (or anyone who feels like beating up a scrub on PSN, lol), PM me.


(1) Wait until you are good with one character before you move to another.
(2) Extremely critical. You should be using U1 in alot of matchups to begin with, and you can also FADC into U2.
(3) No. Some people take several months to adjust to stick. It takes time.


Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

I sorta thought that FADC was only for serious competitive players instead of casual players, so I didn’t bother with it.

I will go into training mode and try to figure out how to FADC.


Stick takes time, I suck, but I’ve had my stick for about two months now and still whiff fireballs sometimes, but I just don’t have the time to “Train” aka sit around for an hour and throw fireballs.