Some moves hard to execute?

Ok now as Ive been playing SF4, I’ve found alot of these move a really hard to execute. For starters the ultra’s/super’s. I really have a hard time doing 2 quarter circles without messing up. Is there any kind of tips or anything to make it easier? Secondly any move with the zig zag motion of the stick (looks like a z) is really hard too. Is this just all practice or is there some kind of tip or hint you can give to help? It seems like no matter how much I practice it never seems to work consistantly. (Its not reflexes. I’ve played FPS’s for years and those have really built up my reflexes.)

Are you playing on a stick or a pad/controller? A good thing to do if you are having trouble executing is to go into training mode and turn on the input display. That way you can see what motions you are actually doing.

I’m playing on a controller. They input display really help. It showed I was just trying to rush things and when I took my time I was alot more sucessful. Thanks :smiley:

Yeah, pretty much, just smooth out your inputs because you’ve got a good amount of time to input them. If you wanna train your inputs for :qcf::qcf: moves, go to training and pick Dhalsim with Ultra 1, set the meter to infinite in the options and then you can keep juggling the dummy with it over and over. See if you can get to 2,000 damage without dropping the combo, then 5,000 damage and then 10 and so on.

As for the Z motions, you can do them in a few ways, for example:

:f::d::df: < This was (and still is really) the basis of the SRK input (and why it’s in SRK’s logo)
:f::df::f: < If you are walking forwards this is the best input
:df::d::df: < This will keep you crouched until the move comes out, which is better for anti-airing jumpins
:df::df: < This will work, but isn’t practical tbh.

Provided that your input has a forward input, then a down input, and then another forward input, the ‘Z’ moves will come out. Anyway hope some of this helps, just stay fluid and smooth. (And if you get a little more into the game, buy an arcade stick and get serious with it, it’s much more competitive than most FPSs today; that’s what I did :D)

for Z motion just press :f::df:

most qcf*2 motions in the game (supers, ultras) can be shortcut’d with :d::df::d::df::f:

so wiggle the corner & down, then press forward + 3P or 3K.

You’re next hurdle will be to figure out why the combos aren’t finishing properly in training or challenge mode.

Execution tip: If the training dummy blocks, you hit the button late. If the move doesn’t come out at all, you hit the button too early.

It is challenging to figure out exactly how you are supposed to do the moves. SF4 is LOUSY with weird shortcuts, option selects, and other strange things. Its rarely as simple as just doing the standard motions.

Did you know you can do a shoryuken with just down-forward x2 + punch button? df, df, punch. Stupid shortcuts.

input display & practice. You’ll get it down,eh?!

Check out the execution stick for advice. Also, be warned that a lot of the shortcut suggestions listed here by others are incorrect.

So I’m starting to get the hang of it. I defentally noticed a shortcut for the ultras and the shoryukens which made it alot easier for me to do them. I’m not 100% with the moves, but I guess it can execute them probably 75% of the time now which is alot better than before. I’m starting to jump into some very basic combo’s abd I can do a few with Ryu (I hear hes best to use for noobs). I’m also proud of myself because I learned a way to set-up Ryu’s ultra. I still need alot of work because I have a hard time beating seth on very easy in arcade lol.

How long does it take to become fluent with combos? Idon’t mean perfect but I mean to the point I can do them fairly well?.

Repetition is the key. Whether that’s going into training mode and sparring against the computer over and over again or playing those ranked matches; practice and repetition are where it’s at.

For me, it took a lot of losses before I began to start learning from my mistakes. The way I see it, you have to be fluent with your moves first, and then you have to start using that character and his moves online, and then you begin self-analyzing so that you can see what you’re doing wrong and how you can improve. Or better yet, have someone help you by being your critic, since we tend to hide the truth from ourselves.

Most of all, keep at it. If you give up playing and getting better, then you’ll never achieve victory. You just got to keep trudging through those losses and improving.

I know the last one doesn’t work and I’m almost certain the other two don’t either.

Agreed, the first two don’t work. The first one registers as a fireball motion, the second either gives a fireball or doesn’t register as a special input at all.

The first motion does work, but only in SF4 of course. Just ride the square gate on your JLF.

But yeah, that last motion doesn’t work, it’s just a misconception of the SRK shortcut motion in SF4.

what about the super flash kick motion? any tricks for that?

Yeah I took out the one that doesn’t work, but the two corner inputs are there just because if you try to input :df::df:+:p:, then you get the SRK input regardless of whether that specific input actually works just because it’s so inherently difficult to get two perfect :df: inputs on a stick or pad. The :df::f::df: was a mistake though :frowning:

And then there’s :b::f::b:+:k: for Fei’s FK and :b::f::b:+:p: for Gouken’s Kongo as well.

yeah I know what you mean about tough moves. To this day I have never been able to execute any Zangeif type full circle moves. I plan on getting a stick for MvC3 though and will be working my butt of to improve :wink:

You only need to start with forward and end the ‘circle’ with up+punch/kick to do 360 moves in SSFIV. Switching to a stick is a great idea though, I just recently started playing on a stick and I love it. Though I haven’t had any big problems with learning to use it except or sometimes riding the square gate to much. I’ve taken to a stick very well.

Also you guys should definitely check out the regional section to see if you can find a group or maybe even start your own group in your area. It’s the fastest and most fun way of leveling up your game I think. That combined with some great reading in the form of the fantastic articles at this site and you’ll feel the improvement. I know I have. Don’t be discouraged if you hit a wall though, stick with it!

Ah man, the only move Ive ever had trouble doing is one of Geese’s supers in CvS2. Fuck that move.

Online is just plain dumb. People have to moves they do every time and its just really fucking hard to counter. I guarentee none of them have fun playing the game, they just play it to flex their e-peen. /rant

Now does anyone have any tips to help me with some of the stuff? You know when they are doing something you just can’t stop, what can i do? I know whats coming but i can’t do anything about it.