Some moves hard to execute?

Since you’re a new player I have to ask.

Analog or D-Pad?

Never, EVER use analog for a 2D fighting game. EVER. It’s bad for 3D too but at least in 3D games it’s useable.

Using the d-pad is harder for me.

This is just unreal how this first online experience is going for me. Every single match i play, i know exactly what they’re going to do most of the time, but theres nothing i can do. Once i start getting hit when im blocking theres no getting out and im gonna take a ton of damage. Is there anyone on ps3 who had the regular street fighter 4 that can help me? My PSN is ATL_UNTAMEDBEAST. If there isn’t anyone, i’ll record a game with my PVR and post it so you guys can critic me (there will be alot of criticing trust me…).