Some neat things about E Ryu (Not sure if been disccussed)

Some neat tricks I found with E-Ryu sorry if this is old news, judging by the simplicity of the tricks below my guess is it has been discussed already but I felt compelled to write about them…

But I found you can combo Ultra 1 off of EX Red Fireball(Forgot name) without FADC Red fireball I believe can only be special canceled into out of close Stand MP though from what I’ve seen. This does some very very decent damage, and with practice I nail it consistently and you waste only one EX in the proccess.

Also I found after Medium Axe kick you can combo straight into lp SRK and timing is not strict, easier than overhead SRK IMO.

Again sorry if this is old news but I haven’t been following all the threads, and I did a small scan of some of the sticky threads and found nothing. Have a good one guys.

I found something cool that might be old too. It is regarding U2. Now, the animation doesn’t kick in unless the first two hits hit so whoop dee doo. However, even when blocked, it means the final uppercut can still trigger the animation. What does this all mean? Go to versus mode and take Evil Ryu vs Oni. Give Oni 9 close fierce punches and two close jabs. Get Oni to strike back with his U2 to give Evil Ryu his U2. Next, take Evil Ryu and chip Oni with the U2. The result will be a standard chip death, nothing spectacular. However, it’s what we change in the next scenario that garners some looking into. So, do the whole shibang again giving Oni low health and Evil Ryu his ultra but give him another fierce punch just for good measure. Now go do the chip killing again. This time, we get a slow epic animation of Ryu doing his animation. Seriously, go enjoy it right meow!

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e.ryu has a kara throw off of cr. mk. It’s better than his others.

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